How Smart Automation Energy
(Smart AE) broke energy ROI
by evolving as a tech-
driven ESCO
Increased Utility Savings
per month
Smart & Sustainable Buildings
deployed using Facilio
Increased Productivity
with upskilled workforce
Firas Obeido
CTO, Smart Automation Energy
The apprehensions around physical retrofits are real, especially for large facilities with pre-existing automation - so having a single tool to track and improve asset performance in real-time is incredible. Facilio is our fast track to smarter and sustainable operations
We are Proud of
Leveraging technology to constantly innovate
Numbers that Matter
Consistent 32.5% savings/month at Al Seef Tower that got us Retrofit Building of the Year award
Favourite Facilio Feature
We love their FDD rule library and predictive analytics
Our Sustainability Thumb Rule
Tech-driven ESCO Model is the future
Delivering Future-ready Sustainable Facilities
Smart Automation Energy, a growing ESCO passionate about sustainability, are committed to achieving highly ambitious energy management goals in buildings. As an ESCO that is constantly looking to maximise energy efficiency, Smart AE have earned a reputation for delivering ultra-efficient energy retrofit projects across different sectors including commercial and government properties.
For Firas Obeido, CTO at Smart AE, the intent to innovate new ways of optimising energy led him to adopt a technology-led approach to energy retrofits, that has helped him deliver consistent energy savings and a key differentiator in their growth.
How to Maximise ROI from Energy Efficiency?
Firas, like many other ESCOs, realised that, in order to guarantee positive ROI on every sustainability project, they need to achieve continuous efficiency in buildings, every single day. Today, the gap between building automation and everyday facility workflows limits the ability of buildings to leverage goldmines of data for real-time insights and continuous improvements.

Like many ESCOs, Firas and his team faced several challenges while implementing energy initiatives in commercial buildings, ranging from high capex perceptions of implementing efficiency to an absence of benchmarks for realizing true sustainability ROI.
3 Key challenges with the current ESCO model
Facilio - Smart AE case study
Enabling Predictive Sustainability Everyday - Digital Retrofits using Facilio
Introduced to Facilio, Firas and his team were not just able to meet their clients’ energy goals, but also predictively analyse the performance of buildings. With Facilio, Smart AE could strategize ways to optimise, step up energy savings in Dubai’s iconic 43 story high rise building - Al Seef - in real time.
Smart + Sustainable Family - Cheerful welcome for Facilio by Smart AE at their office
So why did Smart AE choose Facilio?
Passionate about pushing the boundaries of efficiency and providing a sustainable makeover to their customers, Firas and Smart AE team were able to use Facilio to achieve the following
Optimise building performance, in real-time
Facilio’s Workflow Engine to set up and trigger alarms for energy inefficiencies / anomalies such as overcooling, overheating etc. and strategise performance.
Facilio’s Root Cause Analysis for drilled-down problem breakdown and faster resolution.
Facilio’s Condition-based Maintenance to automate work orders from anomalies and act quickly with contextual real- time data.
Facilio - Building performance optimisation
Facilio - Energy ROI
Demonstrate clear Energy ROI
Facilio’s Edge Software Software to integrate with existing automation systems like BMS, HVAC, energy meter etc and track asset and energy data in real-time.
Facilio’s Custom Formula Builder to configure complex key to configure complex key performance indicators and KPI reports to monitor wastage
Facilio’s Baseline Operations to compare post retrofit energy usage against set baseline and correct off-baseline performance
Facilio’s Measurement & Verification (M&V) Reports to show month-on-month cost and energy savings to their customers
Scale faster, Grow consitent
Facilio’s Mobile Work Orders to empower their teams to collaborate faster, be more responsive and act quickly
Facilio’s Extensive FDD Rule Library to replicate past learnings and performance tuning workflows across their portfolio and scale efficiently
Facilio - Work order management
Smart + Sustainable Tomorrow empowered with Technology
With tech-driven ESCO model at the helm of their strategy, Firas and team want to deliver seamless and consistent energy value to our clients. And with a futuristic and unified technology like Facilio as partner, they could scale their energy expertise to bigger and better initiatives and make sustainability an everyday affair. We are happy and excited that the future of smart and sustainable buildings is here.
Prabhu Ramachandran  - Facilio