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Energy management software for real estate portfolios
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A legacy CMMS has no place in a modern campus

Globally, the quality of on-campus services is critical to higher enrolment & retention rates. However, most O&M teams struggle to maintain high standards due to a heavy reliance on their complex legacy CMMS.

Facilio's connected CMMS unifies all campus operations & maintenance in one place, offering more than just asset & record maintenance. Its AI-driven automation & real-time insights help you drive service excellence from day one & focus all efforts on growing ROI.

End to End Maintenance Management
Run your campus maintenance on autopilot
Simplify request tracking, work order management, & technician handling with automation workflows.
  • Catalog all your campus services in an SSO-authenticated portal
  • Generate, approve, & assign WO automatically based on resource availability
  • Execute maintenance ops & inspections with offline-capable mobile CMMS
  • Ensure parts availability at all times with integrated inventory
  • Steer vendor performance with integrated vendor lifecycle management
Get a full breakdown of utility bills to understand energy costs and opportunities to optimize
Benchmark portfolio-wide energy consumption and compare in various contexts
Asset Management & Capital Planning
Track asset lifecycle for smarter capital planning
Manage assets across your portfolio & avoid budget overruns with expense forecasting.
  • Access all asset data instantly through an integrated asset repository
  • Track downtimes & auto-trigger corrective actions to prolong asset life
  • Enhance borrower accountability with assets check-in/check-out
  • Plan budgets, forecast asset value & reduce unplanned costs based on expense history
Dashboarding & Reports
Embrace real-time intelligence for proactive campus ops
Use 150+ pre-built reporting templates to encourage faster data-driven interventions.
  • Move away from outdated spreadsheets to real-time reporting
  • Craft user-centric dashboards for highest productivity
  • Leverage email integration to get critical data in your inbox
Define rules and set points to raise alarms in case of unusual energy consumption and automate corrective actions to optimize systems in real-time
Optimize energy usage in real time based on peak usage times and current occupancy rates
Utility Tracking & Energy Management
Build greener campuses with energy & emission analytics
Monitor your campus energy/emissions data in real time to increase cost savings, surpass ESG norms, & uphold sustainability pledges.
  • Track (utility/meter/interval data) and benchmark consumption across the portfolio
  • Environmental monitoring (IAQ, CO2) to comply with regulations and sustainability standards.
  • Remotely manage BMS/BAS to drive performance improvements

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