Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Centralized FDD for your enterprise

Steer next-gen Fault Detection and Diagnostics engine that interacts with facilities workflows to automate real-time solutions for anomalies in building performance.
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Fault detection and diagnostics engine for proactive maintenance operations
Centralized alarm management engine across portfolio
Skip arduous implementations for every system/site with multiple vendor systems and communication protocols to achieve reliability targets.

Gain visibility into EnPIs, system failure trends, and resolution time to assess asset health and energy savings potential across your portfolio.

Access extensive intelligence on energy performance indicators (EnPIs) to optimize your energy efficiency initiatives.
Centralize alarms management for assets and spaces at a portfolio scale with Facilio's FDD engine
Make sure shot calls on identifying asset end of life period, or spare part replacement and initiate action even before it strikes
Foresee system anomalies with the power of ML
Stay ahead of equipment failures and operational disruptions by using machine learning-based predictive analytics. Analyze historical data to identify asset end-of-life periods and schedule spare parts replacements in advance.

Increase equipment reliability and reduce downtime with data-driven insights to plan for maintenance and repairs.
Intertwine FDD with FM operations
Quickly respond to anomalies by prioritizing critical issues through condition-based monitoring and automating workflows.

Streamline rectification jobs and ensure prompt resolution with an in-house fault detection and diagnosis capability.

Monitor and optimize your team's alarm response effectiveness to improve overall performance.
Perform condition-based maintenance and fast-track rectification jobs by automating work orders/workflows within Facilio
Leverage the power of AI to evaluate trends, derive insights from recurring equipment defects, and route maintenance activities
Drill down root cause analysis
Maximize operational efficiency with prescriptive analytics that quickly identifies root causes of anomalies to the exact sub-component of a complex system in real time.

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to evaluate energy consumption trends, derive insights from recurring equipment defects, and route maintenance activities.
Fluid alarm configuration with customizable layers
Tailor pre-defined alarm templates to meet the unique needs of your building by specifying simple or complex conditions.

Gain greater control over your building assets by going beyond basic alarm systems and micro-managing performance to eliminate inefficiencies.

Avoid surprises and maintain optimal building performance by customizing alarms and actively monitoring conditions.
Establish alarm rules to uniquely reflect your building conditions. Accurately define alarm rules based on simple or complex conditions.
Redefine alarms from passive notifications to proactive problem solvers
Unleash efficiency with FDD-connected Operations

Optimize operations with real-time monitoring and correct-as-you-go approach. Earn tenant delight, and a mass savings over many years in the future.
Enterprise asset management software

Easily replicate alarm configuration in one building to its sisters. Apply learnings from a similar type of system or equipment to others.
Enterprise asset management software

Scrutinize every asset, and monitor cost impact due to every instance of energy inefficiency. Extract solid corroboration to aid in vendor contract negotiation.
Enterprise asset management software
Enterprise asset management software
We imagined & designed ICD Brookfield Place to be a new benchmark in the geography for sustainability, customer experience, well-being, and technology utilization. We invested in state-of-the-art materials and technology to future-proof the building. We needed a cutting-edge Centralized Property Management Platform to maintain and run in that way.

Haithem Ibraheem

Property operation manager


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