Data Driven Portfolio

Fuel operational intelligence across portfolio with real-time actionable insights

Leverage a data-driven platform to connect multiple stakeholders with information. Make smart decisions to stay at the forefront of sustainability and ensure a delightful tenant experience.

Connected O&M
Bring all building information in one place
Harness building performance data from multiple sources such as automation systems, third party tools, along with occupancy and environmental conditions centrally at one place. Use this data to predict operations in real-time across portfolio. For example, if your chiller has raised alarms because of pressure anomalies in its evaporator, then you know your chiller is going to fail soon.
Manage all vendor, contract, purchase order, warranty, labour and inventory information from the same place and stay on top of every work order expense and labour productivity.
Gain context and actionable insights
Improve comfort and reduce operating costs
Frictionless Tenant experience
Boost tenant satisfaction
Solve tenant problems faster through a tenant portal where they can raise service requests. Remove hassle for tenants by helping them keep track of the issue status through their portal. Let tenants manage their visitors and vendors using the portal and help them schedule their visitor and vendor entries.
Improve occupant comfort by providing an occupant app which enables them to personalize their environment such as room temperature. Provide optimal working conditions through proper maintenance and faster problem resolution thereby ensuring health and safety of tenants.
Continuous Sustainability
Manage and reduce utility consumption
View integrated energy data from connected assets and monitor consumption trend using tools such as heatmaps. Get KPI reports to measure actual energy consumption against target. Conduct M&V projects and precisely quantify your energy savings. Measure effectiveness of your energy Management efforts using EnPL regression tool.
Identify anomalies in energy consumption that do not conform to baseline using ML. Quickly solve any energy inefficiency by getting to its root cause using Facilio’s robust and powerful Fault Detection and Diagnostics functionality.
Simplified assessment that improves asset lifecycle

All the ways Facilio can turn your BAS data into insights

We don’t want to uproot what you have - we want to centrally connect your existing systems and make it data-driven. From BAS to sensory platforms to business apps, connect Facilio with your existing systems, and discover new ways to improve operational efficiency.