Visualize all building spaces and its assets in a single feed
Gain context and
actionable insights
With Facilio, you can view floor and space availability and track occupancy across portfolio and plan for space constraints in the future. You can also block any meeting hall with a single click and while booking include accessories and assets, starting from furniture to electronics, stationery, and more. Facilio lets you visualize the full asset lifecycle and understand it’s real-time status across end uses. It logs all associated activity of the asset, helps you track current and past usage of equipment, and stay updated about upcoming renewals or expires.
Gain context and actionable insights
Improve comfort and reduce operating costs
Ensure productivity and
comfort of every occupant
Improve occupant satisfaction by enabling them to personalize their experience within the building. For example, when an occupant determines ambient temperature, Facilio will automatically trigger a workflow to maintain it. Empower employees to request services and amenities through portal. Facilio routes requests from occupants to appropriate teams automatically and resolves requests faster. Understand how occupants use the facility so that you can plan and maximize asset utilization.
Help visitors be at the right
place and right time
You can guide visitors by automating all their next steps through a simple workflow and notifying them through SMS or email. Facilio lets you integrate directions with an easy to access Kiosk or an intuitive mobile application that helps visitors navigate to the desired location precisely. Also, maximize safety with various touchpoints such as check-in approval, notifications etc., and monitor every visitor. You can reduce continuous back and forth between visitors and hosts by automating each step in the entry process providing both hosts and visitors seamless experience.
Simplified assessment that improves asset lifecycle

Create occupant-centric workplaces

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    Personalized workplace app
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    Room and asset booking
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    24x7 Help Desk
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    Automated service requests
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    Occupant feedback
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    Secure Watchlist
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    Space visualization
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    Move management
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    Automated Helpdesk

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