Remote Monitoring

Refrigeration monitoring and visibility—across sites

Free your teams from the hassle of alarm monitoring and unnecessary truck roll costs with centralized controls.
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Real time refrigeration systems energy monitoring from a cloud based energy management platform
Configure complex FDD rules
Discover the power of IoT for continuous monitoring and proactive optimization at a portfolio scale.

Streamline alarms management and quickly identify and resolve anomalies in asset performance, energy consumption, sensor faults, and more.

Create customized rules with complex relationships to proactively manage schedules, inventory levels, and more.
Get real time reports from IoT devices for equipment performance and energy consumption and detect faults before they cause equipment failures
Get deep insight into faults with root cause analysis and automate action based on alarm severity and associated costs
Eliminate false alarm fatigues
Create filters for alarms based on root causes, severity, equipment type, or energy waste. Prioritize remedial actions by analyzing root causes and impacts in terms of severity and cost.

Take action on high-priority alarms to improve equipment efficiency and reduce energy waste.
Automate work order assignments and responses
Automate work order assignments to technicians with a customizable workflow builder.

Allocate tasks based on calendar availability, inventory status, and use pre-defined PM templates, configure custom response workflows, and more.

Integrate Facilio with your existing CMMS or automation tools seamlessly!
Build custom workflows to automate work order assignment and dispatch in a mobile friendly format
Trigger automated notifications for work orders along with all issue and task details
Customize conditions, notifications, and escalations
Automate workflows for everything from anomaly detection to issue resolution for refrigeration systems across your portfolio.

Create condition-based work orders, escalations based on user or time conditions, custom notifications for the right stakeholders, and more.


reduction in service calls

Working with Facilio is much more than using a new piece of software; it means consolidating a one-in-a-kind value proposition to transform the facility management industry. Our customers deserve the best. By joining forces with Facilio, we are confident that we will keep generating more value and savings for all of our stakeholders

Roi Amszynowski

CEO of Tutenlabs


Get more control over refrigeration performance across portfolio

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