Connected CMMS for Healthcare
Healthcare Connected CMMS

Enhance patient care with purpose-built healthcare CMMS

Take control of your facility operations - improve asset life, manage inventory, and meet compliance & safety standards effortlessly with Facilio’s connected CMMS platform.
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Healthcare facility operations need innovation - Big time!

In today's evolving healthcare landscape, delivering exceptional patient experiences is both critical & challenging. But, HCFMs often rely on outdated software, leading to non-compliance risks, & unnecessary costs. Instead, they need a CMMS solution that automates procedures & enables true stakeholder engagement - all within a single platform.

Audit Ready & Compliance
Stay compliant with hassle-Free inspection handling
Generate CMS, JCC, OSHA & other compliance reports, prevent potential fines, and improve patient safety.
  • Perform compliance-based inspections with Mobile App
  • Manage incidents with auto-generated deviation reports & work orders
  • Create custom inspection forms for all your medical devices
  • Schedule Inspections & let them run on auto-pilot
Get a full breakdown of utility bills to understand energy costs and opportunities to optimize
Benchmark portfolio-wide energy consumption and compare in various contexts
Asset Maintenance
Prolong asset lifecycle with strategic maintenance
Perform Equipment health score-based maintenance & prevent expensive repairs or replacements.
  • Schedule automated preventive maintenance cycles for all the equipments
  • Monitor devices for performance issues & prevent breakdown
  • Streamline asset maintenance workflows & reduce staff escalations by 80%
  • Prioritize maintenance of flagged devices & mitigate risk for a safer hospital facility
Configurable Reports
Take control of operations with data-driven insights
Gain pane-of-glass visibility to your operations, analyse equipment data, and drive actionable business insights.
  • Leverage facility reports & dashboards for budget planning
  • Find the true cost of equipment repair vs replacement
  • Analyse technician & vendor performance based on KPIs
  • Track budget allocation vs expenditure trends for cost-saving opportunities
Define rules and set points to raise alarms in case of unusual energy consumption and automate corrective actions to optimize systems in real-time
Once we switched to Connected CMMS, it became easy for our team to manage UAE's largest chain of hospitals - all the data was in place for our technicians to see and act on. Not only were we able to provide quick resolutions, but also move from reactive to proactive maintenance by analyzing patterns in such requests.

Hanie Abdul Sathar

Director of Eurohealth Systems

Optimize energy usage in real time based on peak usage times and current occupancy rates
Biomedical Inventory Management
Streamline inventory management with precision
Ensure accurate inventory data for better equipment management and informed purchasing decisions.
  • Know the exact location of all your biomedical equipments
  • Scan the barcode for on-wheel devices via the mobile app for location update
  • Automatically generate purchase orders to always maintain spare equipments
  • Perform trend analysis on vendors and equipment to make informed decisions
Efficiently lower your energy consumption
Track equipment usage, identify energy-saving opportunities, and prevent unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Analyze waste generated & disposed of every day
  • Identify & replace end-of-life assets for reduced energy consumption
  • Get alerted to hazardous equipment issues to keep the facility safe
  • Schedule device function hours to prevent unnecessary energy consumption
Define rules and set points to raise alarms in case of unusual energy consumption and automate corrective actions to optimize systems in real-time
The complete toolkit for your healthcare facility
Built to make life easier for healthcare O&M professionals

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