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Retail portfolios face the highest disruptions and dynamicity across real estate sectors, owing to their complex operational workflows. Facilio's data-driven approach empowers you to build more connected and streamlined operations with solutions for operational readiness, sustainability lifecycle management, and portfolio scale optimizations in one place.

O&M solutions that elevate the
shopping experience
Control end-to-end retail operations lifecycle— including property maintenance and client engagement to vendor management, and asset performance— from a centralized tool. Facilio’s operations and maintenance suite helps streamline maintenance and reduce unexpected maintenance costs. Purpose-built for retail stakeholders at every level, Facilio lets you run every day operations effectively using web and mobile apps, automate workorder assignments to your chosen vendors, sit back and watch your store operations run like clockwork, while you focus on keeping your customers happy.
 Reduce complexity
  Provide faster and better support to tenants
Your skip-5-spaces ahead card in the race to carbon net-zero
Ingrain sustainability in your building processes right at the atomic level. Easily identify assets that cause unwarranted energy consumption and avert the negative impact of defective assets. Issues like evaporator breakdown, suboptimal condenser performance or refrigerator leaks cause suboptimal asset performance and shoot up energy consumption. With Facilio, understand asset usage, energy consumption patterns, identify gaps in energy savings across your portfolio and be the benchmark for environment-conscious businesses.
Eliminate guesswork in operations, with real-time intelligence
With a centralized platform collecting data on asset health, asset performance, and energy consumption, trend analysis and FDD provides the right arsenal for store managers to combat future issues without crippling store operations. Automatically screen real-time alarms from BMS systems and convert them into workorders, suppress redundant alarms, and escalate the ones that are critical so you can pick the alarms that need immediate attention.
Simplified assessment that improves asset lifecycle
 Maintain the entire portfolio from a single place
Occupant comfort, customer engagement and cost control for new-age retail stores
Retail stores often come under scrutiny for their IAQ, which directly affects the health of store employees and patrons alike. With Facilio, continuously track the air quality metric and modify it to elevate occupant comfort. Centrally manage and control in-store conditions like modifying air temperature based on occupant count which also optimizes the asset’s performance and lifecycle, in turn reducing costs. Gauge the impact of your actions on customer comfort and get feedback on parameters like cleanliness using surveys and customer portals.

Run energy efficient retail properties

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    Mobile maintenance
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    SLA adherence
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    Portfolio-wide Benchmarking
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    Automated Work orders
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    Remote asset control
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    Shift planning
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    Breaktime setting
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    Customer feedback apps and portals

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