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Reduce complexity and
cost of O&M
Traditionally, CREs have to juggle between tools to keep track of multi-vendor building systems, varied service contracts and diverse touch points with tenants. They have critical tickets, work orders and asset information spread over emails, random notes and spreadsheets.Facilio removes all the hassle by bringing purchase contracts, vendor data, asset warranty, inventory, labour and tenant information in a single unified app. Because facilio has all data generated by and within buildings into a centralized real time application, you can easily drill down on an operational inefficiency thereby saving cost and time.
 Reduce complexity
  Provide faster and better support to tenants
Provide faster and better support to tenants
Today’s tenants want real-time answers. Give them the flexibility and choice to connect to you instantly through Facilio’s tenant portal and strengthen your tenant relationship. Now, tenants can request any service and view its progress which helps you ensure transparency and provide a delightful experience. Help tenants enjoy an increased uptime of better assets using our maintenance and anomaly detection functions. You can enable them to track and optimize their utility and service expenses in real time so that you can gain a competitive edge by building tenants’ trust.
Sell a sustainable property
With Facilio, you can virtualize all meters and get the benefit of metering without the additional expense that traditional meters bring. The automated meter reading avoids discrepancies with tenants, automatically generates custom invoices, and saves a lot of time spent on noting down readings on paper and spreadsheets. With all the energy data, Facilio provides heat map (on any metric), regression (consumption correlation with degree days), load, peak energy, and EnPI analysis to accurately boost performance. Plus it alerts immediately on an energy inefficiency, to take action right away and save costs.
Simplified assessment that improves asset lifecycle
 Maintain the entire portfolio from a single place
Maintain the entire portfolio from a single place
In the past, analytics meant painfully harvesting data from slow tools and leaving it to stay inactive in multiple silos. Today, your teams and domain experts can take action faster and proactively with enriched insights from centralized data. Facilio’s FDD module also detects and diagnoses equipment failure by applying sophisticated rule-base (or simple configurable math expressions) in real-time. You can resolve any comfort or energy inefficiency by automatic work order dispatch or self-set point correction and ensure that your business quickly returns to normal always.

Manage multiple tenants with ease

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    Service request management
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    Tenant Portal
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    Vendor Portal
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    Vehicle/Gate pass management
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    Raise/track billing
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    Configurable Workflows
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    Purchase Order/Receipt tracking
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    Lease management
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    Tenant communications via broadcast

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