Cloud based optimization

Maximize portfolio energy efficiency–from the cloud

Maximize occupant comfort, reduce operational outlays, and deliver high-performing buildings.
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Cloud based energy optimization software for enterprises
Command and control assets across the portfolio from anywhere
Say goodbye to complex integrations for multiple systems and proprietary data protocols that create silos at every level.

Gain real-time insights from the abundance of data collected from BMS sensors and controllers across all your assets and spaces.

Easily navigate through spaces and asset groups to uncover revenue opportunities and improve portfolio efficiency.
Optimize maintenance based on real-time building data and save time with real-time condition and ML-based triggers to automatic resolution to the preview of complete context & asset history right within work orders.
Intelligent alarms management and proactive action; from anomaly detection to automated resolution
Manage alarms easily with workflow-coupled automated diagnostics
Automate building operations from anomaly detection to rapid resolution with Facilio's FDD solution. Eliminate false alarms and identify root causes of issues with advanced FDD capabilities, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Efficiently manage work orders and corrections with automated dispatch and self-set point capabilities, freeing up time for more critical tasks.
Boost occupant comfort and operational efficiency
Ensure the well-being of both your occupants and assets with:
  • Automated demand response: Take proactive measures to optimize consumption during peak and surge times.
  • Occupancy-based scheduling: Optimize HVAC and temperature based on real-time occupancy.
  • Meeting room optimization: Optimize ambient control based on information from occupancy or room scheduling data.
Optimize energy consumption based on peak demand hours, current occupany, or outside weather conditions to improve occupant comfort while curbing energy waste
We imagined & designed ICD Brookfield Place to be a new benchmark in the geography for sustainability, customer experience, well-being, and technology utilization. We invested in state-of-the-art materials and technology to future-proof the building. We needed a cutting-edge Centralized Property Management Platform to maintain and run in that way.

Haithem Ibraheem

Property operation manager


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