Work order management

Work order management for multi-site operations

Save time, manual effort, and maintenance costs across your enterprise.
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Automated and intelligent work order management software for real estate portfolios
Manage all things O&M from a centralized platform
Plan and schedule corrective, reactive, breakdown, preventive maintenance, and audits from a unified operations and maintenance management platform. Simplify multi-site facilities management with tailored workflows for owners/operators

Make it easy for your tenants, vendors, and your workforce to access information, raise requests, report issues and progress with intuitive mobile and web portals
Manage assets, spaces, inventory, tenants, vendors, maintenance, work orders, purchase orders, contracts, and finances for all O&M processes from a single dashboard
Automate repetitive work with zero coding dependency. Create custom workflows with drag and drop ease or use pre-defined templates
Choose from a range of existing templates or create your own
Create custom maintenance schedules, unique workflows, work order fields, and layouts/views with ease–no code necessary.
Standardize processes and eliminate repetitive manual work with pre-filled templates tailored for every work order category.
Say goodbye to tedious and manual data entry and hello to streamlined workflows with Facilio.
Streamline resource scheduling and job plans
Drag-and-drop job assignments for calendar-based dispatch to avoid overlaps and order priority conflicts.

Use templatized checklists for assets, spaces, sites, buildings, or categories and automate inspection & resolution workflows to ensure work orders are executed to a T.
Automate work order management with calendar based dispatch of planned preventive maintenance tasks along with all necessary detals
Get real-time visibility into maintenance and work orders to ensure inventory availability
Eliminate inventory-related bottlenecks for good
Gain real-time visibility into maintenance activities and work order lifecycles to prevent unplanned downtime and operational disruptions.
Ensure that necessary parts and assets are available when needed with integrated inventory management.
Improve repair versus replacement decisions by utilizing real-time condition monitoring, ML-based triggers for automatic resolution, and full asset history and context within work orders.
Ensure smooth facility operations with real-time alerts
Facilitate real-time asset performance data and actionable insights by integrating Facilio with your existing BIM/data models. Streamline facility management at a portfolio scale with automated work orders, approvals, real-time alerts, and more.

Simplify fault detection and diagnosis to improve efficiency and minimize the time to resolution.
Automate work order creation for alarms raised based on root cause analysis


reduction in asset downtime

We are confident that Facilio will be a trusted technology partner to investa as we continue to deliver a scalable and nimble operational experience for our clients and other stakeholders

Paul Vandervlis

General Manager of Facilities Services


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