Derisk regulatory concerns with a holistic refrigerant management software

Stay compliant even with new changes
Dynamic checks and balances in workflows
Automated leak detection and resolution
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Refrigerant leak detection and optimization software

Why now?

Regulatory bodies are passing stringent refrigerant compliance laws like the EPA section 608 act and the AIM act. Failure to comply can lead to dire consequences like:
Fines amounting to $57,617 per violation or more
Legal fees along with lengthy procedures and paperwork
Reputational harm as a non-sustainable brand
Increasing refrigerant costs affecting bottom lines

De-risk refrigeration operations and stay ahead of regulatory changes

Simplify compliance management with process automation

Say goodbye to paperwork and embrace efficiency with digitized compliance tracking. With mobile app-based tracking, manage planned inspections, inventory management, material history, pricing and contractor management.

Easily display System Integrity Check (SIC) events and associated configuration details for thorough system assessment and monitoring. Gain comprehensive insights to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Get actionable, audit-ready reports that meet the standards of regulatory bodies like EPA and GreenChill. Stay on top of insights on sites and assets with maximum leak rates, precise leak locations, and event breakdowns, ensuring compliance and proactive maintenance.
Automate your leak detection process

Integrate with existing software and hardware like sensors, controllers and ultrasonic leak detectors to gain real-time insights into leak alarms. Use alarm filters to prioritize based on severity, equipment category and more for efficient handling.

Set up real-time alerts for specific leak events for in-store staff or contracted technicians. Digitize approvals and workflows to map leak repair actions for faster resolutions, across multiple locations.

Seamlessly integrate Facilio with your existing controllers, ultrasonic-based leak detectors, and sensors. This allows for real-time monitoring and centralized management of leak alarms, enabling proactive leak detection and swift resolution.
Detect leaks early with AI and telemetry data

Leverage pre-configured rules and conditions to detect possible leaks for a predictive maintenance model. Use advanced fault detection and diagnostics to assess leading indicators of refrigeration system health to prevent refrigerant loss.

With the help of sensor data, monitor parameters like temperature and case/rack level fault alarms. Conduct thorough root cause analysis, and leverage historical leak event data to create a predictive model that can forecast possible leaks, across your entire portfolio.

Employ automated cloud strategies with FDD to automatically assign repair work orders to designated contractors. Create a seamless digitized process from detection to resolution and automates compliance across all stages of refrigerant management.

An all-in-one platform that ensures continuous regulatory compliance

De risk compliance concerns from the get-go and protect your organization from hefty fines
Seamless integration with industry standards like CARB, GreenChill, and ESG.
Confidently futureproof brand and advocate sustainability

Stay compliant with Facilio

sites across the US are now compliant with the latest regulations using Facilio's Refrigerant Management and Leak Detection Software

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