We're on a mission to deliver the best technology that creates smart facilities experience for everyone interacting with a building, in real-time.

At Facilio, we aren’t just building products. We’re rethinking the way buildings are being managed - shifting traditional, tactical facilities management towards more smarter, predictive facilities experience. By empowering people and machines to achieve their highest level of efficiency, we help the built environment thrive towards continuous sustainability.


While Every Industry Evolved with Tech, Buildings Remained Conservative.

The last biggest disruption in buildings took place 20 years ago. Automation was first crudely introduced; while hardware progressed, not much was seen on the software side.

Today, facilities have a diverse set of solutions for diverse functions - apps for maintenance, traditional building management systems, environmental sensors at server rooms, systems for security and a lot more.

But, typically, these tools were designed to operate independently - which made facility professionals stretch too thin to get real work done like tracking down information, exchanging redundant paper notes, and digging down energy-consumption charts and spreadsheets. There had to be a smarter way to make work simpler and in real-time for them.

Everything can always be done better than it is being done Henry Ford__


Meet Facilio: A 21st Century Buildings Stack.

Facilio harnesses IoT to connect and unify your teams, systems, and equipment across multiple facilities. It lets you work as one and stay on top of your building operations, maintenance and sustainability from anywhere. With world-class machine learning models, Facilio helps you get answers faster and act on insights in real-time.

Socially Responsible Buildings

Feel good about your investment, both environmentally and financially. We’ve designed Facilio to be socially-responsible that prioritizes low-carbon emissions, advances green energy practises, and makes sustainability a habit.

Our team

Passionate about Efficiency
Facilio is backed by a team of world-class investors and the best technology talent.

The Facilio leadership team brings together decades of Cloud and IoT experience. Through the years, they’ve built, shipped, and scaled world-class software together. We’ve assembled a great team -- of fun, talented and motivated people -- committed towards bringing great technology to the buildings industry.

Our Promise

Real-time, Collaborative Facilities Experience

At Facilio, we’re not just passionate about efficiency; we’re relentlessly driven to make a positive impact on the world. Buildings are a massive point of leverage. On average, we spend about 80% of our time indoors - and that’s only one half of one day per week spent outdoors. That is why we are continuously rethinking the facilities experience.

Future-proof your buildings today