Connected Workplace

Manage workplace as a connected entity

Integrated workplace management software with intuitive space visualization, room booking, occupant service request, and end-to-end visitor management.
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Workplace management software for modern buildings
Visualize everything you need in a single feed
Stay on top of all expenses, active work orders, assets, and energy with zone-level and site-level drill-downs.

Leverage IoT to maintain ambient temperature across buildings and plan ahead for space constraints.
Get an overview of all the buildings in your portfolio and dive into data like current occupany and max capacity across X spaces in a buildng
Allow tenants to raise service requests for issues in the facility with a few clicks on the mobile and reduce time to resolution
Deliver a facility experience that exceeds expectations
Provide top-notch facility experience to your tenants with real-time issue resolution.

Give them an easy way to raise maintenance requests, complaints, vendor service requests, and more.
Smart Booking
Create seamless meeting experiences
Easy bookings for everything - rooms, furniture, electronics, stationery, and more.

Automatically authorize parking reservations and guest entry, and simplify navigation with an intuitive mobile app.
Simplify bookings for spaces and amenities along with parking reservations, way finding and more
Identify unauthorized or blacklisted visitors based on government lists and automatically send notifications to hosts
Help your visitors be at the right place and time
Create segmented visitor profiles with out-of-the-box options like guest, employee, interviewee, vendor, or more.

Automate visitor experience with a simple workflow and provide directions via user-friendly kiosks or a mobile app.
Create safe and comfortable environments for all tenants
Maximize safety and convenience for visitors by automating multiple touchpoints like entry, check-in approval and notifications.

Notify security and hosts about intruders with automated triggers.
Define and automate custom touch points for everyone--visitors, vendors, employees and deliver seamless facility experiences
Manage your workplace end-to end


reduction in asset downtime

We are confident that Facilio will be a trusted technology partner to investa as we continue to deliver a scalable and nimble operational experience for our clients and other stakeholders

Paul Vandervlis

General Manager of Facilities Services


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