A complete data platform engineered for portfolio intelligence

Turn data from buildings, systems, human factors, and external conditions into 360° operational actionable insights for owners, operators, and tenants.

Deliver new innovation with the Facilio O&M Platform

Purpose-built efficiency, on loop
Connect disparate data sources
Centrally connect BASs and harmonize data from across sites and vendors to uncover valuable insights trapped in silos. Move away from hardware-centric operations to achieve greater operational efficiency and improve performance across the portfolio in real time.
Connect disparate data sources
Activate intelligence with cloud-native FDD
Activate intelligence with
cloud-native FDD
Connect all the different building systems, equipment, and vendor systems quickly and centrally to simplify fault detection and diagnostics. Use Facilio's integrated workflows to set up automatic resolution and maintenance processes to improve efficiency and save costs.
Dive deep into your building's performance
Analyze and visualize data to answer important questions like top energy-consuming assets or energy comparisons for different chillers. Break down data by month, week, day, or any other segment to identify gaps with baselines, generate heatmaps, and improve assets or spaces.
Connect disparate data sources
Connect disparate data sources
Reason things out with out-of-the-box reports
Track important metrics with customizable reports to monitor performance and behavior, assess team efficiency and steer toward continuous efficiency. Get actionable reports delivered straight to your inbox or as PDFs to identify roadblocks and inefficiencies at a site or portfolio level.
Automate actions based on real-time insights.
Automate workflows like creating and assigning work orders with priority details based on a chiller alarm condition, for instance, if it drops below 5°C. Then, tie human actions to business metrics like energy cost savings, productivity, and revenue enhancement to understand overall operational efficiency.
Connect disparate data sources

All the ways Facilio can turn your BAS data into insights

We don’t want to uproot what you have - we want to centrally connect your existing systems and make it data-driven. From BAS to sensory platforms to business apps, connect Facilio with your existing systems, and discover new ways to improve operational efficiency.

Data engine that drives your building performance
Data Harmony
Buildings data can be tricky with diverse vendors system and models. Facilio not only connects and acquires data but also harmonises portfolio O&M data for intelligence.
Powerful, flexible, and native analytics that lets you anticipate performance trends. Get the full picture by visualising the relationships between data points and sets.
Rapidly unite people and processes with intuitive default reports, or, build your own custom reports of operational metrics to adjust course and optimise costs.
Custom Modules
Go beyond available workflow and build custom modules on Facilio. Find pre-built solutions to manage visitors, vendor delivery, work permit, multi-party approval, tenant leasing, and more.
Workflow Engine
Build custom workflows with template for planned and frequent unplanned maintenance so facility teams can quickly kick off work.
Users & Roles
Easily add, delete, activate, and deactivate users to your account based on your discretion. Configure role-based access and permissions in a point-and-click fashion - no long Q!
Robust RestAPIs that let you connect Facilio with other tools like ERP, accounting, ticketing, CRM, project management. Authenticate sync with calendar, communication tools, and more.
Focus on improving performance across the portfolio. Highly scalable infrastructure that is future-ready to add new locations, additional systems, new applications and workflows.
Connected Apps
Unlock holistic value with unified building data - build extensions/external web & mobile apps with Facilio's connected apps framework.


reduction in asset downtime

We are confident that Facilio will be a trusted technology partner to investa as we continue to deliver a scalable and nimble operational experience for our clients and other stakeholders

Paul Vandervlis

General Manager of Facilities Services


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