Unblock massive operational insights from your building systems

Activate connected buildings at scale with the powerful Facilio IoT Edge. Connect diverse legacy systems hardware-agnostically and harness the collective data to unlock new opportunities for operational efficiency, sustainability, and cost reduction, across your portfolio.

Built for Buildings
IoT Intelligence that seamlessly fits into your existing stack
Real-time data acquisition

Easily and securely connect, acquire,
and stream performance data in real-time
from dispersed building systems
controllers with Facilio IoT Edge.

Plays nice with everyone

Facilio IoT Agent is vendor-neutral
and communicates via Bacnet/IP,
Modbus, TCP & RTU, OPC XML/DA,
OPC UA, and Tridium Niagara networks.

Ensures seamless operability

Offline just works! At areas of limited
connectivity or unstable network,
Facilio automatically syncs the latest state
of system data after connection is restored.

Bi-directional communication

Facilio processes, responds, and directs
cloud-based commands to system
controllers. Execute functions like set
point change or direct system action
through Facilio.

Enterprise-ready decision making

Facilio Platform, using Facilio IoT Edge,
aggregates dispersed performance data onto
a single global system, for advanced analytics,
visualisation, and machine learning models.

Reliable and blazing fast

Compatible with Windows and Linux , Facilio
IoT Agent securely discovers controllers and
connects associated points across buildings.
ensuring an always-on communication.

Facilio solves the 3 Key Challenges of Connected Building Operations
  • Integrations
    Facilio partners with leading equipment OEMs and hardware manufacturers to provide out-of-the-box integrations, easily reducing capital expenditure on Building IoT projects.
  • Commissioning
    What in the regular world will take months of effort, is drastically simplified with Facilio’s cloud-based commissioning setup that reduces the whole process to just 3 days.
  • O&M Applications
    Accelerate agility and decision-making in portfolio operations and maintenance with real-time building performance insights with Facilio’s comprehensive suite of applications.
facilio Integrations
Facilio Commissioning
Facilio O&M Applications

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