Energy Analytics & BI

Real-time analytics to steer successful energy initiatives

Maximize energy efficiency with in-depth analytics and actionable insights for portfolio-wide energy consumption.
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Accurate energy analytics for multi-site energy optimization
Get detailed insights into energy usage patterns
Use real-time IoT insights and detailed reports to maximize energy efficiency and optimize asset performance, occupant comfort, and energy and water consumption. Dive deep into data at any level of detail with asset-wise sub-metering.

Project month-on-month consumption at a site/portfolio level for better insights and planning.
See energy usage patterns based on occupancy levels, weather conditions, and more
Create unlimited EnPIs like tower energy per square ft, water usage intensity, and more with any combination of data points
Assess the efficacy of energy-saving measures through EnPI dashboards
Create customized dashboards with EnPIs that matter most to you and gain meaningful insights into your energy performance.

Set alarms for threshold deviations and get notified of any inefficiencies or abnormalities in your assets/buildings.

Continuously track and monitor your asset/building efficiency improvements and make data-driven decisions to optimize energy usage.
Visualize energy consumption and performance with heatmaps
Easily visualize energy consumption trends across assets and spaces with heatmaps that simplify complex data plotting. Quickly access key performance indicators (KPIs) for an instant overview of your portfolio's energy usage.

Focus on areas of interest by zooming in on specific data points within the heatmaps.
Pick any data point across assets or spaces to create visually-digestible heatmap charts
We imagined & designed ICD Brookfield Place to be a new benchmark in the geography for sustainability, customer experience, well-being, and technology utilization. We invested in state-of-the-art materials and technology to future-proof the building. We needed a cutting-edge Centralized Property Management Platform to maintain and run in that way.

Haithem Ibraheem

Property operation manager


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