Maintenance Management

Adaptable, self-serve maintenance management software

Gain flexibility and automation to unlock the best cost and productivity outcomes for all your unique O&M needs.
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Maintenance management software (CMMS) for real estate portfolios
Bring visibility and efficiency into your asset management
Uncover insights like mean time to repair/replace, extra cost, lifecycle cost, downtime/uptime, work orders, and more by integrating with your existing BIM/data models.
Uptime Metrics
Maintenance History
Lifecycle Analysis
Equipment Repository
Depreciation & Budgeting
3D Asset View
Simple and visual graphs for uptime metrics by asset/asset category
See open and past work orders, next scheduled work orders for planned and unplanned maintenance tasks
See asset lifecycle data by buildings/asset type, replacement or retirement schedules, and more
Centralize all asset information including uptime metrics, work order history, MTBF and more
Breakdown costs by planned and unplanned maintenance at an asset or portfolio level and project depcretiation values for better maintenance budget planning
Access 3D views for buildings, assets, or equipment and drill down to see summaries, alarms, work orders, and more
Automate work order creation, approvals, execution, and signoffs right from an intuitive mobile app
Automate work order creation, approvals, execution, and signoffs right from an intuitive mobile app
Automate planned preventive maintenance tasks based on calendar schedules to track planned and actual activities for maintenance tasks, asset planning, and resource allocation
Set up janitorial routines, automate reminders and notifications, and see completion status in real time
Keep stock of inventory and parts, and request parts for work orders with the ease of adding items to a cart
Flexibility to operate-be it hard or soft services
One unified platform for all operations, maintenance planning, and scheduling—corrective, reactive, breakdown, inspections, routines, and audits. Cut costs, reduce downtime.
Mobile Work orders
Powerful PPM Engine
Calendar-based Dispatch
Janitorial Inspections & routines
Integrated Inventory
Make your CMMS work for you, not the other way around
From automated approvals to routing your own unique work processes to remote collaboration—Facilio’s digital workflows optimize how things get done.
Automate Approvals
Smart Resource Allocation
Realtime MIS Reporting
Automate work to quote
Roles & Authorizations
Automate approvals based on priority and trigger automatic notifications to eliminate bottlenecks
Automate resource allocation for work orders based on availability
Roster resources for maintenance schedules based on calendars, automatically
Get a birds eye view of all work orders--open, in progress, on hold, resolved, and closed from one place.
Enable vendors to submit quotes for any task easily from the mobile app
Customize access levels for actions, reports, and more for every persona--at a site or portfolio level


reduction in asset downtime

We are confident that Facilio will be a trusted technology partner to investa as we continue to deliver a scalable and nimble operational experience for our clients and other stakeholders

Paul Vandervlis

General Manager of Facilities Services


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