Al Tayer gets granular visibility and greater efficiency across their portfolio with Facilio’s Connected CaFM

Data independence and ownership

Streamlined O&M for 1500+ tenant units

Better vendor relationships and SLA adherence

Al Tayer Group

Business conglomerate with properties and interests across automobile, luxury retail, engineering, real estate and logistics industries.




140+ buildings, 70,000+ assets, 1500+ tenants, 300+ vendors

Tech stack before Facilio

  • Tenant records: Salesforce and Oracle JD
  • Contracts and payments: Salesforce
  • Vendor management: Spreadsheets
  • Ticket logging: FOHD
  • DPurchase orders: Email
  • Asset management: None
  • Reports: Shared by vendors

Key Takeaways with Facilio's connected CAFM

  • A fully-integrated in-house facilities management solution
  • Automation with customizable workflows
  • End-to-end visibility into their portfolio
  • Actionable insights based on their KPIs

Al Tayer is a Middle Eastern conglomerate with business interests in automobile, luxury and lifestyle retail, perfumes and cosmetics distribution, engineering, real estate and interiors contracting industries. They operate in 6 countries through 200 stores and 23 showrooms, representing 80+ global brands.

Their mission is “to make passion our currency, relationships our bottom line and trust our trademark.” To build relationships and trust, they needed a deep and multi-faceted understanding of their stakeholders — tenants, vendors, partners and end users. They knew that this can only be achieved through direct, real-time, scalable access to data about their operations portfolio-wide.

“At Al Tayer, data is the lifeblood of growth-focused decision-making. From choosing the most reliable brands to asset/contractor/building performance, we need data. We need it in real-time to our needs, without dependency. We were too reliant on our vendors for basic reporting. We needed to change that.”

Group Facilities Manager at Al Tayer

Al Tayer’s business challenge: Lack of data, visibility, and preventative maintenance capabilities

Al Tayer is a complex and widespread business — they own over 140+ buildings and 70,000+ assets. This business scale and complexity, in itself, isn’t a challenge. It’s simply a matter of fact.

In Al Tayer’s case, the consequence of this complexity was affecting their bottom line. As their facilities manager says, “Our assets are long-term, their lifecycle is critical. It’s like having a car and not servicing it. Before you know it, the whole engine is broken. We tend to forget that with buildings since most of these assets are invisible behind walls and ceilings.”

Without their own Computer-aided Facilities Management (CaFM) solution, they struggled with the following challenges.

Lack of timely visibility as a result of relying on vendors’ CaFM for reporting

Fragmented data resulting from the lack of a unified data management system; this also caused a lot of manual data collection/consolidation

Unavailability of insights to make key operational decisions about procurement, vendor selection, pricing, asset performance, repair/replace choices, etc.

Reactive maintenance, performed only when tickets were raised by stakeholders

Inability to track vendor SLAs, benchmark performance and optimize for outcomes

Inability to scale seamlessly as their current CaFM didn’t integrate with products such as Salesforce, Oracle JD etc.

To deliver on the brand promise, leverage their critical assets and elevate their operational effectiveness, Al Tayer needed a 360-degree facilities management solution.

Facilio’s solution: Connected CaFM

Facilio’s Connected CaFM helped Al Tayer streamline their maintenance and operational workflows, bring together data from disparate systems and improve transparency in communication between all stakeholders. Here are the highlights.

Fully-integrated tech stack : Facilio’s Connected CaFM became the single source of truth for Al Tayer. Irrespective of the systems and business applications, Facilio integrated them with an API or product installation and pulled data to be stored, analyzed and displayed in a single platform.

Automated workflows: An integrated tech stack led to seamless automation. For example, with Facilio’s CaFM, when a tenant raises a request, every subsequent process, such as inventory check, approvals, and vendor selection, is automated, saving time, boosting process efficiency and eliminating manual errors.

Effortless scalability: Automation with Facilio’s CaFM is also end-to-end and driven by specific on-ground use cases. For example, work orders are tied to visitor management, which means tenants can issue gate passes for a technician’s check-in and checkout in advance, eliminating manual intervention in approvals or verifying technician information at the gate. With a significant part of manual tasks automated, facilities management teams were free to attend to customer needs.

Stellar customer experience: Facilio’s Connected CaFM integrates all tenant information from Salesforce and Oracle JD to a centralized help desk on a dedicated tenant service portal. This means tenants can easily raise repair requests, issue guest passes, schedule delivery, apply for a move-in permit, raise parking requests, receive announcements/alerts from the building owner etc., in a single window This also means facilities management teams can have an open communication channel with their tenants, along with tracking payments, recoveries, contract expiries etc., all in one place.

Build your own reports: Quality data in real-time led to more effective decision-making across levels. With Facilio’s Connected CaFM, Al Tayer’s facilities management teams have ready-to-access historical reports for simpler vendor selection. They have dashboards that visually represent the current KPIs to stay on track. They also have future projections that they can use to optimize upcoming maintenance activities. "The biggest success is that we control the data. These are assets that last 50-60 years. We can now look after them for that long and plan for them effectively", AlTayer's facilities manager vouches. "The leadership team has never-seen-before transparency across the entire portfolio operations, including vendor SLAs, compliance and response times to complaints. With these, they can design their business strategy toward greater success."

Some of the key KPIs that Al Tayer tracks with Facilio’s Connected CaFM are:

Asset lifecycle management

Benchmarking how long an asset/building should last vs. how long they’re lasting now

Comparative analysis of asset performance, including which brands are breaking down often, which are expensive to repair, etc.

Decisions around repair/refurbishment/replacement of assets

Root-cause analysis to identify why assets breakdown — design issue vs. upkeep vs. equipment issue

Trends analysis to identify if issues are individual, site-wide or asset-wide

Vendor management

Visibility into service provider performance on region-wise call-outs and response times, tailored to specific tenders for better vendor selection

Ranking service providers on performance vs. their prices

Tracking performance against SLAs as well as imposing fines/penalties on non-adherence

Spends analysis on service, spares and tools to measure ROI

Customer experience

Resolution time by service provider

First-time-right resolutions

No. of logs to assess internal workforce engagement

Customer feedback on service quality

“The impact of O&M on customer experience is significant. If a business in one of our properties had to close for a day because the A/C was down, the loss in revenue because of it would be huge. Facilio’s robust CaFM solution proactively prevents such consequences.”

Group Facilities Manager, Al Tayer

Facilio impact

Granular visibility into operations and maintenance

Informed decision-making

Hassle-free contracted O&M

Portfolio-level visibility

Service cost savings

Better service delivery for tenants

Future-proof your buildings today