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Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software

Everything your legacy CMMS features and much, much more—only more simplified

Legacy CMMSs were designed as systems of record for assets & maintenance. They were built for technicians and don't add value for most O&M stakeholders. They sit as silos and make changes to implementation arduous. Legacy CMMS don't cut it for modern building operations needs.

You need a CMMS that can connect systems, people, and processes.

Connected CMMS for portfolio-wide operations and maintenance

A single system of record for service requests, maintenance, work orders, inventory, and asset lifecycle
Enterprise asset management software

Easy-to-configure PM & templates, drag-and-drop assignment, built-in inspection, approval and mobile workflows
Enterprise asset management software

Tailored workflows for owners/operators, mobile and portal view for tenants, vendors and workforce to make multi-site facilities management simple
Enterprise asset management software

Off-the-rack routines, customizable templates, best onboarding support
Enterprise asset management software
CMMS software to centralize assets, maintenance, vendors, inventory, work orders, purchase orders, tenant portals, and more
Simple and intelligent workflow automations for inspections, approvals, work orders, quotes, and more
Automate property management workflows with ‘zero’ coding

Powerful workflow automation, stateflow design across modules, automated change, inspection & resolution workflows
Enterprise asset management software

Zero coding-dependency for custom maintenance schedules, unique workflows, fields and layout/view
Enterprise asset management software

Custom dashboard view & tab types, configurable data bulletin/widgets, flexible reporting and organization features
Enterprise asset management software

Extensive 3rd party integrations built-in (automation and enterprise apps), service catalog, external URL triggers
Enterprise asset management software
Drive org-wide alignment & enhanced stakeholder value

Executive reports & dashboards, periodic summary emails, portfolio-wide benchmarking & compliance tracking
Enterprise asset management software

Vendor portal, approvals, work permits, 3rd party compliance tracking, shared & consistent data
Enterprise asset management software

Self-service portal, service request, feedback and communications, visitor management
Enterprise asset management software
CMMS that centralizes data from across property for all stakeholders--from executives, O&M managers, technicians, to tenants
Manage complete asset lifecycles and get real time visibility into performance and health data
Supercharge asset performance with real-time data

Real-time equipment monitoring and analytics, fault detection & diagnostics, and root cause indicators
Enterprise asset management software

Condition-based and predictive maintenance triggers, automated work orders, and resolution workflows from alarms
Enterprise asset management software


reduction in asset downtime

We are confident that Facilio will be a trusted technology partner to investa as we continue to deliver a scalable and nimble operational experience for our clients and other stakeholders

Paul Vandervlis

General Manager of Facilities Services


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There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to deploying a CMMS. Pick and choose the modules you need to realise the true value of your properties.

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