Utility Management

Multi-site utility monitoring and energy benchmarking

Improve energy efficiency and cut utility costs across your portfolio from a centralized platform.
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Utility bill management, energy monitoring and benchmarking software for enterprises
Reduce utility consumption and save costs
Use meter/sub-meter data to gain a comprehensive understanding of your portfolio's real-time utility consumption trends.

Identify high energy-consuming assets and compare their consumption patterns to internal and external standards to reduce energy waste and save on utility bills.

Take action on energy consumption anomalies to minimize waste and optimize energy usage across sites.
See energy consumption data by building and associated costs
Get real time energy consumption data from assets and optimize energy usage based on current occupany and outside weather conditions
Get real-time visibility into energy consumption across portfolio
Seamlessly connect disparate systems across sites and harness building performance data to predict operations at a portfolio level. Optimize energy consumption continuously using real-time occupancy, weather conditions, and more via IoT devices.

Enhance occupant comfort and safety while reducing operational costs and achieving energy savings.
Create internal and external benchmarks with ease
Visualize key insights about your building's energy usage, including service usage by category, end-use breakdown, and more in various readily-available graphical formats.

Keep your stakeholders informed with reports that are relevant to their interests and needs.

Stay on top of carbon emission tags and energy cost projections derived from AI at all times.
Enhance stakeholder engagement with graphs such as energy consumption comparisions by baseline, service usage by asset, and moreEnhance stakeholder engagement with graphs such as energy consumption comparisions by baseline, service usage by asset, and more
We imagined & designed ICD Brookfield Place to be a new benchmark in the geography for sustainability, customer experience, well-being, and technology utilization. We invested in state-of-the-art materials and technology to future-proof the building. We needed a cutting-edge Centralized Property Management Platform to maintain and run in that way.

Haithem Ibraheem

Property operation manager


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