Refrigeration Optimization

Optimize refrigeration performance across portfolio

Reduce energy overrun costs by connecting and centralizing data, applying proven strategies at a portfolio level, and with remote control and command.
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Multi-store refrigeration performance optimization software
Access real-time asset health data in a single place
Keep track of your equipment's health and performance with real-time data from multiple systems and locations all in one place.

Optimize your team's productivity and save time with connected telemetry data from refrigeration systems across your portfolio.

Optimize refrigeration energy consumption across sites in real-time from the cloud.
Track asset health and performance in real time with detailed reports on leaks for any time period
Execute energy optimization strategies at scale and switch them on or off for any system/store from the cloud and in real time
Control and command systems from the cloud
Control and monitor energy optimization strategies for refrigeration systems across your portfolio from a centralized platform. Easily switch between strategies and achieve a faster time to value with a return on investment in weeks, not months.

Streamline energy management and save costs with efficient, centralized control of your refrigeration systems.
Leverage proven optimization strategies
Implement verified optimization strategies, such as suction pressure optimization, temperature monitoring, and dynamic EEV control, across your entire portfolio.

Optimize your refrigeration systems remotely using real-time data like weather conditions, occupancy levels, peak demand hours, and current system performance.

Fine-tune your optimization strategies with data-driven insights to unlock even greater savings over time.
Deploy proven refrigeration optimization strategies across stores and monitor status in real time
See energy usage statistics by time, region, system, or baseline comparisions
Get insights into energy usages
Visualize energy usage trends across your portfolio and analyze them in detail, from hourly to monthly intervals. Create store-level heatmaps and portfolio benchmarks to gain a deep understanding of energy consumption patterns.

Identify opportunities for energy savings and improve overall energy efficiency at a system, store, or portfolio level.


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Working with Facilio is much more than using a new piece of software; it means consolidating a one-in-a-kind value proposition to transform the facility management industry. Our customers deserve the best. By joining forces with Facilio, we are confident that we will keep generating more value and savings for all of our stakeholders

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