We are committed to help your real estate portfolio become fully data-driven

Your facility is unique and you have a distinctive style to managing operations. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to innovate across your portfolio. Exactly why, at Facilio, we believe in being your partner in innovation and co-creating your modern O&M playbook

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Our customer team has empowered top enterprises with data-driven operational transparency

No matter what stage of digital journey you are in - be it centrally consolidating your operational data or setting up a command and control centre across portfolio - our team is committed to assist you at every step and make ends meet, just the way you want

Drive innovation across your portfolio in days, not months

Here’s a surprise! You don’t need a village to optimize your portfolio performance. No additional hardware, no big chunks of code, no overhead cost to integrate incompatible tools. Now with Facilio, there’s a simper, faster and hassle-free way to leverage your existing gold mines of data and future proof your portfolio in 5 easy steps

Plan and Scope
 plan and scope

Setting Goals

  • Sales team shares knowledge on customer goals, challenges, important metrics
  • In-depth study to understand existing infrastructure of each building / site
  • Define scope to optimize from customers’ current digital journey

Strategize Action / Optimisation

  • Share onboarding checklist - customer team to furnish data on sites, assets, spaces, BAS data points to be mapped, historical data (if any), current tech stack
  • Develop and share Facilio integration strategy / digitisation roadmap
Connect and Centralize
 plan and scope

Facilio Integrations

  • Integrate with existing tech stack - 3rd party tools, enterprise software, environment and manual records
  • IoT-based integration with existing BAS systems

Data Consolidation

  • Facilio Platform integration on cloud
  • Real-time BAS data capture
  • Centrally consolidate data from disparate sources
Become an expert
 plan and scope

Adoption Training

  • Dedicated CSM, 24*7 support and white-glove service at every stage
  • Training for all users - facility managers, technicians, supervisors
  • Education on data-driven operations & maintenance best practices

Personalize Workflows

  • Review benchmarks, workflows, SLA rules / policies
  • Customize widgets, dashboards and metrics to track
Launch and Optimize
 plan and scope

Go Live

  • Rollout Facilio Platform for all stakeholders
  • Unified data and 360* operational visibility - on web and mobile
  • Facility stakeholders start monitoring real-time data / performance KPIs

Data-driven Optimization

  • Drill down analytics to better understand portfolio performance
  • Tie data-driven insights to business metrics - energy cost savings, productivity, and revenue enhancement
  • Automate workflows / actions based on insights
Scale and Repeat
 plan and scope

Maximize Efficiency

  • Improve performance across portfolio - add new sites, additional systems, integrate workflows
  • Deploy ML-driven models - predictively correlate performance patterns, automate corrective actions
  • Integrate sustainability performance - review metrics, benchmark analysis, M&V

Become Future-ready

  • Build enhancements with unified data - Facilio connected apps framework
  • Quickly deploy innovative O&M use cases - RestAPIs
  • Continuously move forward in your digital journey - in steady increments

See why top CRE leaders are betting their future on data-driven O&M

After years of being bogged down by traditional, complex and silo-ed systems that bury useful data & insights, forward-thinking enterprises are making the switch to data-driven operations