How Tuten Labs Leverages Facilio to Digitize & Automate O&M across 10,000 Large Format Retail Stores

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Accurate energy analytics for multi-site energy optimization
Reduced customer service calls
Intelligent Alarm Management
Faster response time
Connected Retail platform to remotely monitor and manage portfolio-wide equipment alarms
  • Improve the health and longevity of refrigeration and HVAC assets
  • Make sure critical alerts are prioritized and triaged efficiently.
  • Resolve problems quickly using remote troubleshooting
  • Ensure timely deployment of field staff for on-site maintenance.
Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Tutenlabs, Inc. is a technology leader, helping retail stores reduce energy consumption, emissions, and costs, ensuring a consistent in-store experience for end customers.

Tuten Labs’ Challenges:

Inability to prioritize alarms and delayed service delivery

The team at Tuten Labs grappled with the daunting task of differentiating between critical and non-critical alarms. They were unable to prioritize alarms effectively because of the lack of a centralized remote monitoring system, resulting in delayed service delivery which put the reliability of their operations at risk.

The lack of a centralized remote monitoring system caused:

  • Alarm Fatigue & Slow Response Times:
    Floating through a barrage of alarms (via BMS, emails/calls) was challenging for the team. The problem was not just the alarms but also determining which alarm required immediate attention and which could wait. This ambiguity often resulted in slower response times, leaving critical issues unresolved and potentially complicating minor issues.
  • Manual Alarm Reconciliation:
    A root cause analysis of a particular issue required the team to reconcile alarms from various systems and phone calls manually. This tedious process was time-consuming and demanded intense scrutiny to extract meaningful insights and determine the most effective corrective measure.
  • Human-Led Work Order Process:
    The traditional approach required human intervention at nearly every stage in the work order process. When an alarm indicated a problem, someone had to manually assign a work order, track its status, and ensure that the assigned task corresponded accurately to the necessary corrective action. This manual oversight often introduced inefficiencies and room for error.

To meet these complex needs and future-proof their operations, Tuten Labs needed a centralized remote monitoring and maintenance software powered by Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Facilio's Solution:

Unified Monitoring + Maintenance & Streamlined Operations

Facilio’s unified monitoring and maintenance management platform enabled Tuten Labs to offer a superior tech-based value proposition in the retail store operations, including 24/7 predictive monitoring of critical assets, proactive facility helpdesk services, centralized vendor management systems, refrigeration optimization, and more. Facilio and Tutenlabs leveraged their enhanced capabilities to drive value for more than 10,000 retail sites from leading brands across North America & Latin America.

“Working with Facilio is much more than using a new piece of software; it means consolidating a one-in-a-kind value proposition to transform the facility management industry. Our customers deserve the best. By joining forces with Facilio, we are confident that we will keep generating more value and savings for all of our stakeholders. ”
Roi Amszynowski
CEO, Tutenlabs

Here are the solution highlights:

Intelligent Alarm Triaging & Prioritization:

Facilio's intelligent fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) system transformed store alarm management. The seamless consolidation of alarms from various systems, calls, and emails made it easier to determine each alarm's severity, category, and urgency. This streamlined the decision-making process and substantially reduced the time and potential errors associated with manual alarm evaluations.

System Led Work Order Automation:

Facilio's platform seamlessly integrated with the work order system and automated various operational steps such as work orders from alarms (based on criticality, problem type, location, etc.), escalations on unactioned work orders and task assignments to service teams based on the client. As a result, less manual intervention, faster response times, and consistency in managing alarms and subsequent actions became the norm.

Unified Dashboard & Impact Analysis:

Facilio’s unified interface, driven by intuitive dashboards, provided the team with a clear overview of operations and deep insights into alarm management, lead detection metrics, set point deviation, work order metrics and detailed weekly fault reports, across portfolios. Furthermore, work order actions were categorized across the client base, ensuring stakeholders have a transparent view of operations and outcomes.

The Impact

Optimized Operations & Improved Asset Uptime

  • 10-15% Reduction in Service Calls
    A significant 10% reduction in service calls from end customers, indicating swifter resolution times and signified substantial savings in maintenance dispatches and labor.
  • Streamlined Alarm Management
    With Facilio's intelligent AI-driven system, alarms evolved into insightful data points that allowed prompt identification and resolution of issues, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Optimized Service Efficiency with Real-Time Data
    Real-time actionable insights from Facilio’s platform empowered the team to significantly improve client uptime, ensure superior asset health and simplify the maintenance process to make it hassle-free, epitomizing excellence in service delivery.

Ready to to elevate your O&M game with real-time data-driven decisions?