Calculate the ROI of using a Connected CMMS

Calculate how upgrading your current CMMS to a Connected CMMS will result in better ROI for your business in 3 easy steps:

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Enter your facility portfolio information

What is Connected CMMS?

For over five decades, traditional CMMS have dominated operation & facility management, and so has the problem they bring - siloed operations. More gets done in emails and spreadsheets than in the CMMS. Well, this is about to change.

The Connected CMMS is that “one” platform designed to drive growth and reduce costs for your organization by bringing people, process, system in every segment of your facility operations together.

Why choose Connected CMMS over Legacy? A ROI-based Case

62% of O&M leaders report a significant gap between today's operational and maintenance demands and the ability of traditional CMMS/CaFM systems to meet them. These tools are remnants of the past and work solely as record-keeping systems.

Point solution maze
The Gap
The operational pitfalls created by legacy CMMS:
Fragmented Workflows

Traditional CMMSs force O&M teams to juggle multiple communication channels—emails, calls, messages—alongside the system itself, resulting in inefficiencies and missed opportunities for streamlined collaboration.

Escalating tools & workforce costs

O&M leaders face a dual financial challenge: first, the expense of hiring personnel to manage distributed operations, and second, the additional burden of subscription costs for each point solution implemented.

Data Disarray

Scattered data prevents effective data-driven decision-making. Without centralized information, optimizing operational costs becomes an uphill battle.


O&M teams are forced to make dual data entries manually due to the lack of interoperability, making every operational task tedious and time-consuming.

End to end enterprise platform
Bridging the gap
How does Connected CMMS ensure better ROI:
Unified Operations

It consolidates all property operations within the platform, reducing reliance on disparate tools or manual workarounds. This streamlines workflows and ensures consistency across the portfolio.

Reduce dependency on point solutions

Connected CMMS eliminates the need for multiple-point solutions. It handles everything—from maintenance requests to contractor management—within a single, powerful platform.

Boost profit margins

It enhances profit margins by allowing O&M executives to duplicate and standardize operational processes across the portfolio easily.

Make data-backed decisions

The platform's configurability and robust reporting capabilities empower O&M leaders to make informed decisions that drive efficiency.