Facility operations steps boldly into it’s connected era
Emerging from the shadows, technology has transformed ops leaders into strategic partners from mere managers. Today, they craft exceptional real-time facility experiences and seamlessly harmonize operations across vast building portfolios, rewriting the O&M playbook for all time.
Celebrating the Change Makers in O&M
Remember when CRMs took the stage and customer service did a 180? Well, industries don't just pivot with technology; they transform through the relentless drive of those who champion it.

Welcome to the Game Changers Club, where techno-visionaries unite. Our mission? To spotlight their tech-powered triumphs in the O&M space, transforming their stories into community gold.
Game Changers Club

Here’s our insider toolkit for championing modern FM operations

The Game Changers Club isn't just about inspiration; this platform is their stage to offer unfiltered insights and empower you with the insider know-how to champion transformation in your own arena.

Playbook on change management

Get inside the minds of those who’ve championed change and won!


How to choose the right CaFM system that aligns with IFM’s key goals

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Managing stakeholder’s resistance to system and process upgrade

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How to overcome the fear of making O&M tech investments

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Power of tech-led operations

Discover how unified sensors, systems, and structures hum along to create real-time facilities experiences.

How Q3 Services in the UK rebooted IFM with technology

Discover how tech enabled FM’s differentiate their services from other players

Role of technology in transforming healthcare operations

Learn from Eurohealth’s experience in fore-fronting innovation with connected cmms

Tech-driven roadmap for your path to net-zero

Explore software-led decarbonization benefits over physical retrofits from the leaders of British Land and Cushman Wakefield

Unlock the future of property operations