Investa streamlines operations, augments tenant and contractor experience with Facilio’s Connected CMMS

Complete portfolio visibility

Service excellence - Managing 20,000 vendor contacts

Reduced tenant escalations

Investa Property Group

Owner manager of commercial office real estate properties, letting out to large prominent organizations such as Manpower, AON, Crown Resorts and Nutanix.




Assets across 550,000 square meters, in 25 properties used by 850 businesses

Tech stack before Facilio

  • Help desk
  • Safety and risk management
  • Financial management
  • Manual maintenance and tracking
  • Document management
  • Digital twin

With Facilio’s Connected CMMS, Investa has:

  • An integrated O&M platform
  • Workflow Automation
  • Real-time visibility and insights

One of Australia’s largest, most recognised commercial office real estate companies, Investa creates, manages and owns high performance places creating opportunities for investors, businesses and communities. Their caliber of tenants includes AON, Deutsche Bank, State Street, Blackstone and Pfizer.

To deliver on their promise and realize their ambitious vision, they needed a property management solution that empowers them with efficiency, scalability, and real-time insights.

“Our buildings are designed for the way people work today - and the way we want to work in the future. We think of our office buildings as communities as well as assets. Yet, our property operations were siloed and hindered the stellar customer experience we want to offer.”

General Manager of Facilities Services of Investa

Investa’s business challenge: Current tech stack’s inability to manage O&M and concierge services at scale

Investa’s facilities management teams conducted their day-to-day operations through complicated, point solutions that functioned in silos with manual workflows and tracking. They tracked their 150+ vendors across three different databases—one each for payments, on-site safety and work orders. They relied heavily on vendors for systems and data around invoices, quotes and performance metrics.

This presented significant challenges in managing maintenance activities and concierge services at scale, such as:

Duplication of efforts and human errors resulting from functional silos

Inefficiencies in work order management from significant manual effort into even finding the right vendor

Unreliable performance data as it is owned and shared by vendors

Inability to scale, inflexibility of adding/removing properties from the portfolio

Poor portfolio-wide visibility from lack of a consolidated view of key metrics around vendor performance, compliance, and SLAs.

To overcome these challenges and set themselves up for an accelerated journey toward their goals, Investa needed a unified solution that can consolidate silos across multiple systems from over ten years of operations.

Facilio’s solution: Connected CMMS for unified, automated operations

In their search for a unified Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), they considered several alternatives. During the negotiation and pilots, they faced two key challenges: The product contracts were typically drawn up for ‘n’ buildings for ‘n’ years, being inflexible about adding or removing them from the portfolio; and Investa’s legacy software, which did not support APIs, was difficult to integrate.

Facilio’s Connected CMMS overcame these challenges and enabled integrated, scalable portfolio operations for Investa within five months of MVP. As part of our solutioning, we:

Synthesized asset repository and history

Planned management of maintenance routines, tenant requests and work orders

Integrated contractor KPIs and SLAs, inspections, incident and compliance management and financial management

Enabled user-centric apps such as tenant app, technician app, etc.

“The level of vendor support and collaboration we received from Facilio is nothing like we’ve seen on any other project. The Facilio team went above and beyond to collaborate with us and build a product that’s right for us. Their willingness to work with us to future-proof the product is fantastic.”

Project Manager at Investa Property Group

Here are the solution highlights:

Unified operations with integrated functions

Facilio integrates the various functions - management of assets, incidents and audits, as well as relationships with vendors, technicians and tenants - across portfolios. The Connected CMMS serves as the command center, providing complete visibility into the entire portfolio operations.

“We chose Facilio mainly because of its maintenance management capabilities, so we didn’t have to rely on manual records or spreadsheets. This does two things for us.”

“One, it ensures that planned maintenance is tracked, including timelines, completion ratios, benchmarking building vs. building, vendor vs. vendor, state vs. state etc. This streamlines recordkeeping. With Facilio, we no longer need to scour through emails/hardcopy etc., to find service records. Now, vendors add them to the work orders itself. It also ensures accurate payment tracking.

Two, it helps perform accurate maintenance forecasts. We have clear visibility into the near-term and long-term future. As a result, we can perform predictive maintenance to avoid downtime.”

General Manager of Facilities Services of Investa

With transparency in the operational workflow, from inventories to purchase orders, facilities management teams now quickly identify bottlenecks and resolve issues.

Maintenance completion rates track task completion progress

System adaptability with customized workflows

Investa had several workflows that were unique to their processes. During the evaluation stage, Facilio demo-ed custom use cases, without much coding, within 2-3 days, gaining Investa’s trust. During the pilot and onboarding, we used Stateflow to capture various processes and automate them.

The Connected CMMS enabled these processes with custom workflows and flexible implementation. It also offered the flexibility to refine/change workflows throughout the implementation, based on stakeholder needs, without disrupting the larger system.

General Manager of Facilities Services at Investa says, “Facilio’s biggest selling point for us was its customizability. Configurable workflows, delegated limits for financial approvals, detailed user and role creations, etc., have given us the flexibility to manage our risk.”

Smooth vendor management

Facilio’s Connected CMMS came with out-of-the-box integration capabilities that allowed seamless data flow between modules. Investa leveraged this to integrate work order management with visitor management. This allowed Investa to track vendor entry and exit, task completion, invoicing, purchase orders, payment cycles and customer feedback all in one place.

Complete visibility into vendor performance to assess efficiency

Automation of maintenance routines and digitization of processes

Facilio’s Connected CMMS has automated a wide range of activities such as planned maintenance, work order assignment, vendor induction and compliance checks. This has eliminated manual effort and duplication of efforts.

For example, when a tenant raises a service request — say about an issue with an electrical fixture - Facilio’s Connected CMMS automatically filters all vendors located in the same geography as the site and displays them along with the vendor's compliance status. Investa can choose the vendor they need and assign the work order to them. Post this, vendor induction, entry permissions etc., are also automated. This entire process requires no manual intervention. Digitized maintenance reports are now automatically tied to work orders, significantly reducing the risk of human error.

However, we were cautious about automation, doing so only where required. For instance, hazard inspections as per local regulations needed manual control, which was left as it was.

Flexible configuration and business model

Facilio allowed easy addition and removal of properties to their portfolio, enabling scale. Our platform approach, combined with productized customizations, allows contract term flexibility. The subscription-based model accommodates upgrades and hassle-free configuration of newer/additional functionalities as well.

“The flexibility of Facilio to orchestrate and automate dynamic operational processes stood out, especially as we gear up for the post-pandemic phase for commercial offices.”

Portfolio-wide visibility and real-time actionable insights

Connected CMMS offers a holistic view of portfolio-wide operations (assets, work orders, maintenance activities etc.) and performance (asset lifetime value, costs, technician response time etc).

“Our operations and leadership teams also gain immense value from Facilio’s analytics. The KPI-driven dashboards are amazing. So are the self-service portals. As we can see the tenant’s profile ourselves and resolve issues like resetting passwords, editing preferences, access etc., without coming to Facilio every single time.”

Business Project Manager at Investa Property Group

Based on this visibility, executives are making better decisions around cost optimization and operational improvements. Facilities managers and site owners negotiate better deals based on vendor-specific KPIs and SLAs.

Custom dashboard to monitor critical KPIs

Facilio impact

Portfolio-level visibility

Improved workforce efficiencies

Superior tenant and occupant experience

Service cost savings

Data-driven decision-making

Better vendor compliance and SLA adherence

Future-proof your buildings today

  • Centralized data
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Contextual apps