ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai, future-proofs their state-of-the-art 54-storey office and retail property with Facilio’s Connected Buildings

Centralized visibility and property management of 1250+ spaces

Automated 120+ FDD rules for proactive maintenance

Customized emergency response operations

ICD Brookfield Place

Owner manager of premier commercial real estate properties, with modern workspaces, experiential retail stores, dynamic event spaces, community and lifestyle activities all in one place.




Four acres of commercial real estate including 990,000 square feet of modern workspace, across 54 stories and a seven-basement car park.

Key Takeaways

With Facilio, ICD Brookfield Place had:

  • Single-pane granular visibility of their entire property operations
  • Fully integrated systems for operational efficiency
  • Automated fault detection and proactive maintenance capabilities

ICD Brookfield Place is Dubai’s premier commercial real estate property, offering modern workspaces, arts club, private members club, fine-dining restaurants, health and fitness clubs along-side experiential retail spaces at the heart of the Dubai financial district. It is the tallest and largest LEED Platinum office building in EMEA with the vision to set a benchmark for property development in the region.

“We needed a scalable and flexible solution to unify all of our disparate building systems. Facilio's thought leadership and innovative product portfolio stood out clearly & aligned well with our vision. As we look forward to launching the workplace of the future, we are proud to work with a partner like Facilio”

Rob Devereux

CEO of ICD Brookfield

ICD Brookfield Place’s ambition: Future-proofing property operations

ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai, opened their doors to tenants and customers in September 2020. They had imagined, designed and developed the property to be a premier destination for global citizens. Their intelligent technology roadmap aspired to bring together the myriad systems they use — such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems, building management systems (BMS), security, fire alarms, energy management systems, IT networks and so on — to optimize operational efficiency to international standards.

Without a CMP, there was

Lack of visibility: They did not have a complete view of their operations and portfolio performance

Data silos: Data scattered across dozens of systems and software

Absence of reporting: Reliance on vendors for reports on critical KPIs

Manual intervention on faults: Delays fault detection and resolution

Reactive maintenance directly impacting the asset health and lifecycle

Inability to define a workflow without data-backed insights.

“We imagined and designed ICD Brookfield Place to be a new benchmark in the geography for sustainability, customer experience, wellbeing and technology utilization. We invested in state-of-the-art materials and technology to make the building future-proof. To maintain and run in that way, we needed a cutting-edge Centralized Property Management Platform.”

Haithem Ibraheem

Property Operations Manager at ICD Brookfield Place

To meet these complex needs and future-proof their operations, ICD Brookfield Place needed a centralized property management solution, powered by Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Facilio’s solution: Connected Buildings

In their search for a centralized property management solution, they evaluated several software vendors on meticulously-defined technical specifications. None of the bidders met their needs initially, including Facilio.

Over the course of the next few months, Facilio keenly studied ICD Brookfield Place’s requirements and rapidly developed the sophisticated features they needed. On second consideration, the client found Facilio not only compliant with their needs but also a fantastic partner to engage.

For ICD Brookfield Place, Facilio stood out on the following counts:

Agnostic and open protocol. Facilio’s platform integrates effortlessly with all property and maintenance management technologies in the market via APIs, without charging for additional licenses or subscriptions.

Customization: Be it graphical elements in the dashboards or complex workflows across systems, the Connected Buildings platform is flexible and adaptable.

Accelerated development: Facilio’s Connected Buildings is a differentiated product with functionality being enriched continuously.

“We had very clear and well-defined technical specifications. Among all the vendors we evaluated, Facilio was keen to develop a differentiated product for us. The leadership team listened to us carefully and delivered sophisticated features in weeks, that would have taken a traditional vendor months, if not years!”

Haithem Ibraheem

Property Operations Manager at ICD Brookfield Place

Here are the solution highlights:

Centralized operations with integrated functions

Facilio integrates the entire supply chain including, but not limited to the ERP, IT systems, elevator, lighting, fire alarms and a total of 24 service providers to create an operations command center for ICD Brookfield Place. This powers functional use cases by enabling actions and signals between their different systems.

“For example, you can take input from BMS systems to make decisions about elevators. Without Connected Buildings, this analysis needed to be done manually, often losing out on various cause-and-effect factors. Today, with Facilio, we are able to automate these tasks, at scale,” says Haithem. This also increases accuracy of results and reduces the load of manual efforts for the client.

Centralized operations with integrated functions

Automatic fault detection and predictive capabilities

Consolidating data from across various systems empowers ICD Brookfield Place to optimize their operations in real-time. Connected Buildings is able to identify patterns independently and raise alarms for the operations teams to interject before the tenant raises a complaint.

For example, Facilio can learn the patterns of air conditioning usage over time. On a weekend, if there is a dramatic increase/decrease in the temperature on a particular floor, it will raise an alarm for the maintenance team to address immediately. Without Connected Buildings solution, such opportunities go unnoticed.

Automatic fault detection and predictive capabilities

Proactive asset maintenance

As a state-of-the-art building, ICD Brookfield Place has thousands of devices throughout the property. They perform monitoring and preventative maintenance using sensors. Traditionally, these sensors would have been connected by wire to both power and the network. Facilio’s IoT module enabled the client to set up wireless sensors that had a lighter footprint and were more efficient to manage.

Emergency Response

Not all buildings are the same, ICD Brookfield Place is certainly not. The client needed multiple special use cases and corresponding workflows to be customized and configured. “An important one for the emergency response of the building,” says Haithem. “If there is fire on a certain floor, the fire alarm needs to go off, fans will turn and doors open. The fire alarm is on the alarms system, fans on the ventilation management system and doors on the security system. With Facilio, the emergency response teams can make sure all these work as designed, else, they will receive an automatic alert.”

Based on the design of the building, Connected Buildings solution enables multiple such complex workflows for the client.

“Facilio’s Connected Buildings future-proofs us by being adaptable to any number of such workflows and use cases. The opportunities for optimization are endless and that’s fantastic.”

Haithem Ibraheem

Property Operations Manager at ICD Brookfield Place

Facilio impact

Centralized visibility

Automated fault detection

Service cost savings

Reduction in manual efforts

Preventative maintenance

Data-driven decision-making

Future-proof your buildings today

  • Centralized data
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Contextual apps