Iconic tower unifies disparate
building systems to launch
the workplace of the future
Leveraging modern technologies for
superior occupant experience
Among the jewels that catch your eye in Dubai’s Business Bay is one iconic skyscraper—53 stories of prime real estate representing the region’s premier lifestyle and business destination. The tower is home to more than 980,000 square feet of highly functional, Grade A office space and 150,000 square feet of retail space, giving it a firm standing as one of the world's best-in-class properties. The property's owner, our client, is one of the largest real estate investment organizations in the world. Technologically advanced buildings typify the bulk of its portfolio, and both innovation-centric building management and industry-leading portfolio development are its hallmarks. Our client's vision is to create workplaces of the future: sustainable, high-performing buildings that rely on next-level technology to deliver superior, safe occupant experiences. Their latest tower in Dubai is no exception.
How to deliver a responsive and
personalized occupant experience
Several factors played into the decision facing the new property’s operations team, the most important of which was occupant happiness. Today’s workforce is accustomed to responsive and personalized services in every walk of life; the workplace is no exception. This property owner wanted to equip the operations team with the tools and insights to provide the exceptional services tenants expect, while quickly adapting to their needs.
The property owner also wanted a system that'd help meet sustainability targets and ensure compliance with new workforce wellness regulations. Achieving both of those goals would require a flexible, scalable, data-driven operating model focused on continual learning and adaptation.
Another element at play was the owner’s and operation team’s joint need to harness and quickly use real-time operational intelligence from building data. This ability would support occupant health and safety, and sustainability while also allowing for the optimization of costs, energy usage, and productivity.
These factors together pointed towards a scalable and flexible platform that could unify all of their disparate building systems - automation, elevators, access control, fire & safety, lighting, security cameras, and many others - and point software solutions like CMMS(Computerized Maintenance Management System), BIM(Building Information Modeling). This would help them achieve system-wide decision making, execution, and optimization. Also, by implementing an intelligent, centralized platform, the team could swiftly act on the insights generated from all the data.
A cloud operations platform to transform a building’s performance today—and tomorrow
Facilio’s platform successfully demonstrated the capabilities the owners and operations team needed and the flexible, data-driven operating model they wanted to embrace. With Facilio, they were confident of steering clear of challenges in connecting their systems that other high-rises faced.
Integrating the new platform with the property’s existing systems happened in just a few weeks thanks to Facilio’s flexible, innovative solution. Facilio provides an overlay of advanced supervisory control to monitor and control systems. After a brief onboarding and deployment, the first step in implementing the connected, built environment was to aggregate the building’s voluminous data from almost 13,000 data points, a job made easy with Facilio’s IoT capability. Facilio integrates with multi-vendor building systems including building automation systems (BAS), fire alarm, lighting, elevator, access monitoring control, and Closed-circuit television (CCTV) based security systems using IoT-based connectivity. The platform also allows integration with CMMS, BIM, and other third-party enterprise software
Today, centralized Fault Detection and Diagnostics(FDD) and analytics, allows the operations team to proactively identify anomalies and resolve equipment faults and compliance violations. For this proactive maintenance, and to uncover opportunities for improved performance and energy savings, teams rely on an extensive library of standard rules, which can be added to and customized as needed for specific scenarios. The Facilio platform automatically emails reports to building stakeholders and sends automated notifications via email when an issue is detected.
Facilio’s centralized cloud platform also provides the real-time visibility owners and operators need to ensure optimal occupant safety and comfort. Operations executives automatically receive flexible, intuitive, consolidated reports compiled from data within third-party reports and from the platform’s own real-time data. Teams now care for occupants by monitoring and controlling spaces, equipment, and multiple building systems remotely, from a single place.
Powered by Facilio, the Business Bay’s latest evolved workspace has adopted a holistic operational model with the ability to extend interoperability to future systems as well. Teams can manage the complete operational maintenance, asset performance, and sustainability from a single interface to deliver new experiences to tenants, new insights to owners and operators, and to fulfill the commercial real estate organization’s vision for creating the workplaces of tomorrow.
Moving Forward
Future-ready thanks to a scalable platform

Optimized building resources
and costs

Real-time operational intelligence to understand, benchmark, and optimize energy and maintenance performance

Scalable operations

A cloud operations platform that supports new systems and workflows

Superior occupant

New building standards for now, a groundwork for the future of workspaces

Future-proof your buildings today

  • Centralized data
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Contextual apps