Quality FM's Rapid Compliance Achievement: Unleashing Operational Excellence with Facilio in Just Three Weeks

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Reduced customer escalations
SLA adherence
properties under unified control
Enhanced staff productivity
Facilities Services
Large commercial and residential portfolios
  • Showcase Operational Success: Reduced customer escalations and enhanced workforce productivity.
  • Driving Agility and Compliance: Attaining agility and compliance via tenant portals, workforce optimization and KPIs.
Quality FM is one of the top facilities management service providers in the UAE and a sister entity of multi-venture enterprise Gate Holdings. With a 25-year stronghold in the operations industry, Quality FM is a veteran in delivering end-to-end services to large commercial and residential portfolios in the UAE. Leading property management companies and landlords have used the professional expertise of QFM's 200-strong workforce in achieving success in various prestigious projects. Managing over 1500 units of distributed properties, QFM strives to be at the technology forefront to push its boundaries of performance across construction, maintenance, and interiors sectors alike.


Without a Centralized Digitization Platform, there was

  • QFM recognized the need for improved property maintenance and swift service response.

Real-time Insights and Compliance Challenge:

  • Despite demand, QFM struggled to access real-time operational insights and manage compliance risks effectively.

Visibility and Compliance Gap:

  • Portfolio-wide visibility was crucial for QFM to predict issues and prioritize. Monitoring compliance issues across facilities was a challenge.

Inflexible solutions:

  • Traditional CAFM and ERP solutions proved inflexible, failing to adapt to QFM's specific needs and streamline processes effectively.


Quality FM, an eminent facilities management service provider, confronted the burgeoning demands of building occupants for superior facility maintenance and instantaneous issue resolution. Hindered by legacy CaFM and ERP solutions, the company sought a paradigm shift in its operational approach. The strategic collaboration with Facilio marked as a milestone in this transformative journey.

“We knew silo-ed software wasn't the way anymore. We had to modernize our operations management and make it easier for managers to stay one step ahead of portfolio performance disruptions.”
“Facilio’s integrated solution suite helps our stakeholders make data-led operational decisions to deliver continuous value to our customers.”
Sumith Sukumaran
Operations Manager, Quality Group

Solution highlights:

Tenant-Vendor Portals for Engagement:

Implementing dedicated service portals for tenants and vendors marked a turning point in tenant engagement dynamics. These portals granted tenants on-demand access to property services and furnished real-time building health and safety data. The engagement in real-time with tenants streamlined building-wise service requests, resulting in a remarkable 85% reduction in customer escalations. Moreover, the ability to benchmark vendor performance through tenant feedback added a layer of operational efficiency, enabling Quality FM to address issues and elevate service standards promptly.


Optimized Workforce & Transparency:

Facilio's contextual mobile work orders played a pivotal role in optimizing Quality FM's workforce. These mobile work orders gave the staff valuable context about asset maintenance history, eliminating the need for extensive investigation and saving considerable time and effort. The transparency into average response time and completion rate for each technician empowered Quality FM to track staff productivity and enhance overall responsiveness meticulously.

Customizing issue responses in the event of SLA breaches, provided Quality FM with the flexibility to escalate and resolve issues promptly. The result was a remarkable 95-99% SLA compliance rate for Quality FM’s operators, standing as a testament to the significantly improved efficiency and responsiveness achieved through the Facilio platform. Facilio's tools optimized staff efficiency, offering real-time data and transparent insights, elevating operational decisions.


Enhanced Portfolio KPIs:

They leveraged Facilio's data-driven platform, Quality FM consolidated maintenance routines, tenant requests, and workforce KPIs. This consolidation resulted in an 85% reduction in escalations and empowered the company with real-time insights for proactive issue resolution. The platform's portfolio-wide visibility allowed Quality FM to promptly identify and resolve tenant issues, showcasing its effectiveness in strengthening overall service quality

Cost Transparency & Crisis Preparedness:

Within four months, Quality FM, utilizing Facilio's platform, launched a digitized quotation service, providing cost transparency in maintenance operations. This offering allowed operators to gain comprehensive insights into maintenance costs, customer margins, and gross profits. The effectiveness of Facilio's agile operations became evident during a recent crisis, where the company's swift response showcased the platform's invaluable role in crisis preparedness. The platform's adaptability during crises further exemplified its effectiveness in ensuring cost transparency and operational resilience.



  • Quote automation for cost transparency
  • Less reactive issues, better pre-emptive insights
  • Improved tenant confidence through accessible safety data.
  • Increased staff productivity
  • 85%+ reduction in tenant escalations
  • 95-99% SLA compliance for Quality Group’s operations.

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