with data-led
How Quality FM automated property
operations at scale for frictionless
customer experience?
83 %
Reduced customer
95-99 %
SLA adherence
Properties under unified
Sumith Sukumaran
Operations Manager, Quality Group
Facilio’s integrated solution suite helps our stakeholders make data-led operational decisions to deliver continuous value to our customers.
Numbers that Matter
Customer escalations reduced by 83% across the portfolio
Favourite Facilio Feature
Intuitive tenant portal, remote tracking of workforce efficiency
One word about Facilio
Adaptable solution that fits into customer’s needs
Keeping pace with the trends in modern FM
Quality FM is one of the top facilities management service providers in the UAE and a sister entity of multi-venture enterprise Gate Holdings. With a 25-year stronghold in the operations industry, Quality FM is a veteran in delivering end-to-end services to large commercial and residential portfolios in the UAE. Leading property management companies and landlords have used the professional expertise of QFM's 200-strong workforce in achieving success in various prestigious projects. Managing over 1500 units of distributed properties, QFM strives to be at the technology forefront to push its boundaries of performance across construction, maintenance, and interiors sectors alike.
How to proactively identify customer friction points?
While QFM saw demand for better-maintained properties and instant service resolution, they were unable to procure real-time operations insights or minimize compliance risks. What QFM needed was a tool that delivered proactive intelligence. But rather than helping streamline routines, conventional CaFM and ERP solutions were rigid and failed to adapt to their conditions and requirements. And it was a matter of time before QFM's reactive maintenance felt the pinch.
Amongst piling issues from tenants, QFM was pressed for portfolio-wide visibility to foresee escalations and gauge priorities. With no means to keep tabs on unfolding compliance issues across their expanse of facilities, the operators remained in the dark. And despite an adept workforce and basic digital tools, QFM was pulled back from augmenting its service quality to tenants.
As QFM's operations director, Sumith summed it up-
"We knew silo-ed software wasn't the way anymore. We had to modernize our operations management and make it easier for managers to stay one step ahead of portfolio performance disruptions."
Portfolio-visibility with contextual performance insights
Quality Group partnered with Facilio to deliver agile services that put customers’ needs first. QFM started off by automating thousands of maintenance routines to digitize compliance and save staff time.
As the next step, QFM rolled out dedicated portals for tenants and vendors. Now, tenant feedback could be channelized to benchmark vendor performance and also to provide on-demand access to property services. By engaging with tenants in real-time, QFM could easily consolidate building-wise service requests. This was tied to granular operational insights that drove better decisions.
QFM was keen to ensure its staff was optimized so strategic initiatives could be accelerated. With Facilio’s contextual mobile work orders, their workforce became highly responsive with real-time problem data, saving effort, and hours of wasted investigation time. With transparency into such details as average response time and completion rate for every technician, tracking staff productivity was within the reach of QFM managers. And when there were SLA breaches, QFM owned the flexibility to customize escalations so the key stakeholders could be promptly notified to resolve issues. Ultimately, QFM’s KPIs across portfolio improved significantly.
In less than 4 months, using Facilio's platform for data-driven operations, QFM launched yet another offering for its tenants - digitized quotation for cost transparency. Already pressed to reduce operating expenses, QFM operators benefitted from the comprehensive coverage of maintenance costs, margin from customers, and their gross profits, overall.
From maintenance to inventory, workforce to tenants, Facilio enabled QFM to quickly fortify its entire spectrum of operations across the portfolio and stay flexible. This was even more supportive during the recent crisis, as QFM was well-equipped to implement agile operations and create immense value for the end-user.
QFM sets the base for scalable
agility led by data

Adaptable solution

Enabling transition from a cost center to profit center

Improved Reactive Maintenance

Operators pre-empt escalations with easily accessible portfolio-level insights

Enhanced Tenant Experience

Tenants feel reassured with on-demand access to building health and safety data

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