Green Optima grew their business by 25% within 2 months of partnering with Facilio


To impress premium clients

One of world’s top airlines companies
is a customer


To grow exponentially

Operating in 15+ buildings within
2 months


To drive consistent revenue

50+ Buildings and the largest
construction group as prospect
Green Optima


BMS & Electromechanical Contracting Solutions


Certified Tridium Partner


Dubai, UAE

Meet Trendsetters in Intelligent Building Management
An energetic 25 member crew at the UAE wing of Optima Solutions, who leverage over 20 years of experience in the fields of BMS and electromechanical contracting solutions, cater to the Middle East and APAC markets. With an outstanding reputation for providing the highest quality of work, Optima Solutions is uniquely positioned as favorites among large real-estate owners across the UAE.
Facilio - Green Optima case study
How to the sell the value/benefits of building automation?
The BMS industry has long advocated that building automation is key to improving efficiencies, and therefore NOI, in effective building management. However, Optima Solutions repeatedly discovered that the heavy investment required to retrofit or fully automate buildings, deterred BMS buying decisions.
Unlocking 10x building automation with Facilio - growth begets growth
Introduced to Facilio, Optima Solutions were able to demonstrate the benefits of building automation, in real-time. With Facilio+Optima Solutions, clients could now convert real-time data from nearly any automation system into actionable insights, and experience smarter facilities from smart automation.
Facilio has changed the way we manage buildings. It’s time-consuming to deliver CRE solutions, especially to large projects (that of a leading airlines company) - so having a single tool to track, manage, and control asset performance in real-time is incredible. We now have a central place to manage distributed properties more efficiently.
Bhadra Prasad
BMS Manager, Optima International LLC
The Journey
One of world’s top 5 airlines deploys Facilio+Optima in 10+ buildings
  • Optima partners with Facilio.

  • Optima presents Facilio+Optima solutions to clients across the region

  • Facilio+Optima submit tender for one of world’s biggest airlines

  • Facilio+Optima selected over legacy BMS providers

  • Facilio+Optima operational in 9 buildings within 1 month

  • Client extends Facilio+Optima solutions to an additional 15 buildings

  • Optima Solutions wins more business from client after Facilio is deployed, including
    — BMS Retrofits
    — Light Automation
    — Central NOC room monitoring
  • Facilio becomes the gateway for additional business across the region, including a 50+ building organization and one of the largest construction companies in UAE

Driving revenue together
How did Green Optima leverage Facilio to achieve economies of scale?
Recurring Growth

Facilio streamlines demand
generation for building automation.

New Revenue Stream

Facilio in the value chain creates
new business opportunities.

Perennial Opportunities

Facilio helps sustain and extend
longevity of solutions.

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