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Top 10 Best Work Order Software in 2024

Best Work Order Software in 2022

Periodic maintenance is important to ensure company assets are working efficiently. Failure to do so leads to unexpected breakdowns, disrupting the workflow.

However, planned maintenance isn’t sufficient. A documentation system is vital to track and approve planned or sudden maintenance requests.

That’s where a work order comes in!

The traditional work order definition defined it as a formal document comprising approved maintenance work.

The process of tracking each work order required significant documentation and wasted time for both employees and managers.

Fortunately, rapid technological advancements have led to the formation of work order software to streamline all work orders.

What is work order software?

Work order software is a centralized platform for businesses to keep an eye out for pending tasks and the team responsible for completing them.

The software also provides insights into the priority levels of various tasks. It is a highly valuable tool to track work orders effortlessly, requests, and information about company assets.

The software is gaining popularity due to reduced costs, increased equipment downtime, and other core functionalities.

While work order management software sounds valuable on paper, does it translate equally during application?

Key capabilities of a work order software

Work order software offers numerous features that can benefit businesses. Some of these features are:

  • Meaningful data calculations to study past trends and improve efficiency
  • Cross-indexed database that offers information about company assets
  • Work order templates that can be customized and used as per individual business needs
  • Work requests to allow for rapid maintenance of equipment in case of immediate breakdown

Work order software offers multiple features under one platform, eliminating the need to rely on different programs.

But with numerous options dotting the market, which one would perfectly fit the needs of your organization?

Best work order software

With renowned players in the market, the work order software segment continues to expand. The latest trends showcase that the market is scheduled to grow at a CAGR of 10% from 2021 to 2026.

We have compiled a list of the ten best work order software based on their features and user reviews. They are as follows:

  • Facilio
  • BookingKoala
  • Jobber
  • RazorSync
  • eSPACE
  • Kickserv
  • ServiceM8
  • FieldEdge
  • SmartService
  • MaintiMizer

Let's go through each of these to understand what sets them apart.

1. Facilio

Facilio offers the most feature-driven software on the list.

Its connected computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) provides a one-stop shop to handle all the work order information for your maintenance teams.

It also boasts real-time data insights to give a push to your service request and work order process. With the ability to prioritize tasks on its consolidated platform, Facilio is the most flexible option on the list.

What’s more, you get excellent customer support.

Schedule a call with a product expert to learn more about functionalities, pricing, and more.

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Why Facilio Stands Apart from the Competition

The main quip about most work order management systems is that they are not user-friendly. Since the users in an organization aren't extremely tech-savvy, it is vital to have a simple interface.

Facilio is one of the only software in the list renowned for its user-friendly design.

It offers a modern multi-user experience, seamlessly integrating with your existing software and ensuring that employees have no trouble operating the system.

Automating your work orders is easier than ever with Facilio's intelligent routing, which saves the frustration of manually tracking every task.

In addition, you get notifications, asset management capabilities, and in-sync collaboration for easy transfer of requests and information.

It also has a self-service portal for users to complete tasks without assistance.

Some other features associated with the software are as follows:

  • Automated approvals to facilitate quicker responses and accelerate requests
  • Centralized platform with the option to integrate existing data models
  • Seamless tracking of work orders with the flexibility to make alterations to notify all users on the platform
  • Clutter-free dashboard to ease accessibility

Not to mention, Facilio allows mobile device access for its CMMS software.

Users can track their requests and workflow with the mobile app, which comes with an option to interact in real-time with the managers.

So, connect with Facilio now to streamline your work orders and enhance productivity!

What users like

The product is synonymous with a clean look and comprises a user-friendly interface. It is fast and shows real-time insights relevant to the situation. However, the most attractive feature of Facilio's software is that it provides an easy platform to collaborate and contribute for all users.

Facilio review, Chris K.

2. BookingKoala

BookingKoala is a cloud-based work order management software that allows users to raise work orders, manage appointments, track growth, and more. You can access dashboards, email and SMS reminders, and a mobile application.

3. Jobber

Jobber's work order management system works to fit industries of all sizes. You can raise work orders more efficiently, optimize routs and handle quotes with ease. You can also access a mobile application, get training and set it up easily.

4. RazorSync

RazorSync is a work order management software that provides a desktop and mobile application. It helps grow businesses and reduce workload. It's a simple solution that lets you manage teams, scheduling and customers with ease.


eSPACE's work order management system helps with work orders, assignments, inventory control, reporting, equipment tracking, preventive maintenance, vendor management and more.

6. Kickserv

Kickserv helps with job management, scheduling, invoices, and payments. It is a fully integrated software solution that helps simplify business services.

7. ServiceM8

ServiceM8 is a solution that helps run day-to-day operations, jobs, notes, photos, online booking, asset management, invoicing, payments, and more in a single solution. It is used by plumbing, electrical, HVAC and refrigeration companies, among many others.

8. FieldEdge

FieldEdge's work order and field service software let HVAC and Plumbing businesses efficiently manage work orders on desktops and on the go. You can easily change statuses, add equipment, and photo attachments, among many other functionalities.

9. SmartService

SmartService integrates with QuickBooks to tackle scheduling, billing, dispatch, customer management, work orders, and more. It helps streamline operations, eliminate waste, boost revenue and grow businesses.

10. MaintiMizer

MaintiMizer is a flexible and user-friendly solution that helps you track assets with ease. Coupled with custom configuration, training and support, you can boost bottom lines and improve efficiency.

Selecting the best work order software for your business

Work order software can be tailored to fit into industries based on feature requirements.

When choosing a work order software, you need to consider the following:

  • Creation: Having all your work order forms from direct entry or web submissions in a single system lets you modify various things. You can also use templates to help employees quickly create requests and pass instructions
  • Tracking: The tracking feature helps managers prioritize critical tasks by assigning priority levels to assets and alerting members when a crucial asset needs repair. Work order software also lets you automate regular maintenance by scheduling tasks through a calendar
  • Reporting: Work order software collects data as orders are processed through the system. This data allows you to see trends in operational downtime, materials and repair costs, third-party maintenance companies, and sometimes the causes of issues. The reporting functionality can also help you monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) on things like error rates and time to completion. This information can be traced to who performed the task, what equipment was used, and which processes were followed. These metrics enable managers to create reports and form a comprehensive outlook on maintenance costs and processes

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