All that you need to scale data-driven operations across your real estate portfolio

Facilio’s exhaustive feature list covers every aspect of modern portfolio needs. One place to streamline all your O&M activities with real-time data.


Platform Capabilities

IoT-enabled Integration with multiple systems such as (hardware agnostic) BAS/BMS, HVAC, fire panel, elevator and other systems.

Customizable Platform that allows the users to configure custom workflows (Approvals, workorder allocation etc.)

Powerful and Robust API’s for easy integration with third party applications like BIM, ERP using RESTful API.

Native mobile app designed for multiple levels of stakeholders (Android and IoS).

Responsive web and mobile design for seamless user experience.

Create Custom modules leveraging Stateflows.

Clear visual hierarchy and full-screen experiences.

Role based access to users.

Complementing BAS functionality with end-use application for every stakeholder.

Custom Email, Whatsapp, Call and SMS Notifications.

Custom logo option for white-labelling.

Localization features with Multi-Language support.

User defined Custom Modules, integrating via SSO with other softwares.

Own the data and create custom reports and dashboards (Assets, Maintenance and Sustainability).

TV Dashboard manager for screening remotely on TV.

Export data to other platforms through multiple means (Manual Vs Integration based).


Assets, Inventory and Maintenance

Asset Management

One-stop access to all Assets including active & passive assets.

Asset QR Code generation and Geo - Tagging.

Track real-time Asset Cost, Maintenance, Health, History and Warranty.

Optimize Asset Lifecycle - Periodic Maintenance, Asset Availability and Performance.

Track various Asset Health Metrics like Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Mean Time between Failure (MTBF).

Define and Setup Global Command Control for Asset Categories - across spaces, locations.

Inventory Management

Maintainenance of Storeroom Locations, Itemized Tracking and Classification of Inventory.

View and Manage store room items via Store Room Application.

Control the cost of inventory items and tools by FIFO, LIFO Costing methods.

Record Issue/Transfer/Return of Inventory.

Customizable Reports and Dashboards for all Inventory Transactions.

Track all historic Inventory Management activities .

Operations and Maintenance

Work Order Management - Centralized Dispatch of work orders/maintenance tasks.

Rule-based Auto allocation of workorders .

Preventive Maintenance - Automated Maintenance Schedules.

Reactive & Corrective Maintenance.

Centralised Helpdesk for Tenant Complaints .

Customizable Workorder Types, Checklist and Tasks for Soft and Hard services.

Digital Logbooks - To record manual Energy readings.

Planned Audit, Compliance and Risk Management.

Fully mobile work orders and Contextual Service Tickets.

Workforce Efficiency

Intuitive 52-week PPM Calendar and Resource Planner.

Actionable insghts, Reports & Dashboards - Asset, Maintenance and Workforce.

Track the cost of maintenannce with deeper Inventory integration.

Automated Work Order generation based on realtime energy anomalies, FDD rules and alarms.

Customizable, specific workflows to digitize various Maintenance Work Order Types - Audit, Compliance, Rounds.

Configurable Workflows (Escalation and Approvals), Notifications (SMS, Email, App and Call notifications).

Real-time status tracking of work progress via Mobile.

Define SLA’s to evaluate the quality of the services .

Centralized view of Buildings, Floors and Zones.

Portfolio Space Setup and Control

Better visibility for FM team - Associate Assets to Space, effectively carry out day to day maintenance operation.

Multi Level Space Hierarchy configuration includes Sites, Buildings, Floors, Space and Zones based on the building specification.

User defined Space Categories to easily group similar spaces for better maintenance.

Map view of Sites and Portfolio of Buildings.

Enabling Unified Space and Inventory Management for the entire Property Portfolio



Sustainability Management

Real-time Integration with Smart Meters & Energy Management systems.

Energy comparison reports and benchmarking (Internal and Gross).

Baseline energy comparison to monitor deviation (both Real time data or Energy consumption recorded in Digital logbooks).

Creating virtual meters for Sub-Meter Analysis to pin-point the sub meter causing the anomaly in the main meter family.

Root Cause Analysis for anomalies (RCA).

Completely automated workflows - Energy Anomaly to Resolution driven by FDD, real-time data.

Integration with Local weather stations to account for weather in identifying Enrgy anomalies.

End-use/consumption service analysis.

Quickly implement ML models for Sustainability management based on Historical data.

Regression Module - Baseline Historic Energy Consumption Data vs. Anomalies in real-time energy consumption.

Measurement and Verification (M & V ) Module - Monitor and track the efficiency of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM).

Sustainability Insights

Ping-me dashboards and widgets with custom dynamic notifications.

Hourly runs of Unsupervised ML Algorithm to flag energy anomalies real-time.

Consumption heatmaps and drill-down trend monitoring.

Real-time correlation of asset faults with anomalies recorded in the asset’s energy meter.

Real time notifications for Energy Anomalies.

EnPI Reports to monitor actual energy consumption against target.

EnPI, Analytics, M&V, Regression, Heatmap Generation, Internal and Gross performance Benchmarking to drive Energy Conservatory Measures.

Creating virtual meters for Sub-Meter Analysis to pin-point the sub meter causing the anomaly in the main meter family.


FDD and Predictive Maintenance

Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Unified View of Alarms to Rules to Root cause analysis and Mobile Notifications in real-time.

Rich set of Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) rules to identify Asset/Energy Anomalies.

Leverage the in-built library of FDD rules classified by Asset category.

Alarm (from existing automation systems) Correlation and False Alarm differentiation.

Diagnose Faults from Assets based on real-time data, configurable FDD rules.

Root Cause Analysis to pinpoint actual fault conditions for easy and quick resolution.

Predictive and Condition based Maintenance

Leverage real-time IoT data to monitor, analyze and predict inefficient Assets.

Automatically trigger Condition-based work orders via Root Cause Analysis for Anomalies (RCA).

Real time notifications on energy, asset anomalies & mobile push notifications.

Lower operating and capital costs, proactive servicing and repair of assets.

Fully mobile work orders and contextual service tickets with complete past maintenance history and relevant fixes.

Predictive and Condition-based assets monitoring and integrated maintenance workflow for improved asset lifetime.

Report Asset anomalies in advance leveraging Machine learning (ML) well in advance with 95%+ accuracy.

Data Driven insights on Asset lifecycle - Quicker decision making on Replace Vs Refurbish.

Analytics Module to correlate Asset and Energy Anomalies.

Data-driven insights to optimise O&M functions - Asset health and performance, Sustainability and workforce.

Remotely Control Asset critical parameters, fault detections.


Property Management & Tenant Enagement

Vendor Management

Vendor facing Portal and Mobile App to view tenant tickets, track status, execute work orders, track Insurance.

Vendor self-service registration via email and insurance upload.

Vendor Quotation, Purchase Order and Invoicing for Maintennace.

Vendor Registration with customizable workflow for tracking Certificate of Insurance and Expiry.

Vendor Contracts (Purchase, Lease, Rental, Warranty), Copy PO line item into contract, Apply the agreed SLA in the contract.

Attach vendor documents, invoices and all paperwork relating to a contract.

Visitor Management

Visitor Managmeent - Check in, check out, QR code scanning, Tenant Notification.

Visitor Management - Delivery Check-in, Walk-In, Vehicle Entry validation.

Visitor Management - Watchlist blocking and VIP fast-tracking.

Property Admin control for Visitor Management and Approval at a Portfolio level.

Work Permit Management.

Executive Dashboards for Property Manager across Tenants, Buildings at a Portfolio level.

Tenant Engagement

Personal based Maintenance Portals and Dashboards for Tenant, Property Owners, Facility Managers, Vendors, Contractors.

Customised web-based portal/mobile app for tenants across portfolio.

Centralised helpdesk to submit complaints and service requests on the go.

Real-time status tracking of work progress with tenants and management on one page.

Custom logo, white-labelling of Tenant Portals.

Tenant Portal specific access of work orders, incidents, labour information, cost, term of contract, type of the Contract, etc.

Vendor Portal specific access for Vendor Access and vendor-based tracking of Work Request assigned to the vendor.

Tenant Dashboards and Insights

Tenant specific maintenance, vendor and visitor management dashboards.

Tenant specific maintenance work-order state-flows and escalations, notifications.

Tenant facing Portal and Mobile App to raise tickets, complaints, track status.

Tenant Summary View and Dashboard on maintenance, utility consumption, vendors, visitor management.

Property Admin control for Visitor Management and Approval at a Portfolio level.

Property Admin control for Vendor Management and Approval at a Portfolio level.

Enable Vendor Portal for Vendor Access and vendor-based tracking of Work Request assigned to the vendor.