Manage your
portfolios end-to-end

Maximize the value of your built environment by streamlining your property management with a single integrated solution that addresses all your current and future needs.

Visualize everything you
need in a single feed
Find actionable insights with intuitive executive dashboards that are easily customizable and shareable to all the stakeholders in the organization. Monitor all critical metrics such as workforce efficiency, performance benchmark, and keep track of asset renewals, purchases, movement, expiry date, and more.
 Visualize everything you need in a single feed
  Manage all your tenants with ease
Manage all your tenants
with ease
Provide your tenants with a branded experience and secure communication with your service teams via a tenant portal. Visualize multiple tenants with details about each tenant building info, utility info, and connected data. Provide your tenants with an easy-to-access service catalog that includes any additional service that you provide and generate invoices for tenant utility and other services availed.
Help your visitors help themselves
With easy-to-access self-service kiosks across multiple locations in your portfolios, you can help your visitors navigate, book rooms, fill their details, provide feedback for services used, and more. Control panic and chaos by using kiosks to disperse important notification across facilities. Broadcast notifications during fire drill announcements, or active shooter response, and more.
	Help your visitors help themselves
Property management software
Purchase contracts
Visualize POs across multiple vendors in the property. Cover multiple types of contracts like purchase contract, warranty contract, service contract, and more.
Workforce Maintenance contract
Manage hourly skilled and unskilled labor contract based on working hours in case of unskilled labor and based on their skill, assets used, and service offered.
Asset, warranty, and T&C management
Manage all asset-related contracts and receive notification based on contract expiry. Immediately cross-check asset's warranty period with instant QR code scanning.
Facilio - Energy ROI
Reduce both your cost and carbon footprint
Easily visualize and monitor all aspects of your energy consumption. Manage all information, consumption across portfolios, benchmark across consumption, find where it increases or decreases, and take action accordingly. Drill down to see at the level of a single building and get granular insights. Split the timeline monthly, weekly, or yearly to draw comparisons. Check variance using heatmaps, and analyse energy consumption by time and tenant spaces.
More tenant requests resolved with less repetitive tasks
Service Request management
Help your tenants raise service requests easily through Facilio’s tenant portal and resolve issues quickly. Easily track and monitor the status of progress, and handle multiple service requests with ML enabled intelligent routing that automates approvals.
Omnichannel support
Relay notifications across multiple channels such as email, phone, SMS, and stay on top of all your support queries with alerts generated via push notification, phone call notification, WhatsApp notification, and more.
Tenant Feedback
Know your customer satisfaction with a survey at the end of the resolution and include it in your feedback loop. Measure total discomfort based on overall deviation from desired metrics across multiple assets.
Customizable workflows
Customize help desk workflow with pre-defined approval processes, and automate support ticket resolutions that involve a simple workflow. These workflows can be very simple to complex based on your requirements.
Resolve vendor queries by addressing all service requests to automate approval. Issue gate passes for recurring visitors, approve multiple processes such as vendor vehicle entry, contracted workers entry, and more.
Allow, disallow, or assign a wait time to a visitor in response to a ticket. The pre-configured workflow generates an approval request and raises an alert to CRE, which can be approved based on your needs and vendor type.

Facilio's connected buildings approach has helped us upgrade the quality of service for our customers, using the same resources and assets that were at our disposal earlier. We increased our workforce productivity by 13% within 6 months of digitizing operations using Facilio.

Sangeetha B
GM, Al Fajer.

Facilio has changed the way we manage buildings. It’s time-consuming to deliver CRE solutions, especially to large projects (that of a leading airline company) - so having a single tool to track, manage, and control asset performance in real-time is incredible. We now have a central place to manage distributed properties more efficiently.

Bhadra Prasad
Operations Manager, Middle East

Facilio is a very powerful tool. We were able to quickly connect portfolio systems, set up a command center, and scale O&M services across properties effectively.

Paulo D

With more than 35 distributed workspace infrastructure, we were looking at ways to efficiently optimize operations and maintenance activities across our portfolio. Facilio gave us a single centralized platform to organize mobile maintenance schedules, compliance activities, and manage vendor workflows, across multiple locations.

Deepak Dhadich
Senior VP