Turbocharge your BMS with our Enterprise Hub

Seamlessly integrate your disparate BMSs across portfolio. Effortlessly perform a centralized SWOT analysis of your buildings.

Achieve operational excellence across your enterprise
Boost your assets’ health across buildings with flexible maintenance and advanced alarm system
Open the floodgates to sustainable buildings by uncovering greater functionality and efficiency
Create synergy among building stakeholders with portfolio-wide visibility of system status
Gain a competitive advantage and bolster business processes with contextual insights from comprehensive analytics
Drive Enterprise Performance excellence
A system of systems for your portfolio
A unified place of action
for your portfolio
Quit logging into multiple systems to check on building status. Avoid the mess of multiple system integration projects. Skyrocket your productivity with an easily configurable centralized platform for building management. Do away with training bindings and smoothly navigate through spaces and asset groups.
 A unified place of action for your portfolio
    Extensive integration capability
Extensive integration capability
Worried about compatibility issues, given the dizzying multitude of systems and equipment-vendors? Facilio’s IoT edge wears the expert’s hat and seamlessly connects every single building system no matter the type, make or proprietary data protocols. Uncover revenue from the sea of sensors and controllers of your BMS by liberating siloed data in real-time.
Ready-to-use insights from
deep analytics
Access robust analytics that taps all crucial data points of your equipment. Forego added costs to acquire and utilize data trinkets from BMS Analytics. Check the results of your operational experiments, demarcate the error-prone ones, and act on visual trends and reports. Assess asset performance and EnPI across sites, time, or within a building. Enhance processes like planned maintenance and fault prevention with contextual data in real-time.
Ready-to-use insights from Deep Analytics
Workflow-coupled Automated Diagnostics
Workflow-coupled automated diagnostics
Alarms are so used to showing up as an attention-seeking phenomenon that conceals the lead-up. Frantically hopping between buildings to address simultaneous alarms derails their purpose - swift response to anomalies. From root cause drill-down to flexible alarm rules, Facilio’s FDD solution offers complete circumstantial awareness of your enterprise. Be it automated work order dispatch or self-set point correction, witness AI at full steam to ensure your business quickly returns to normal always.
Why try molding rock when there’s clay around?
Chart a hassle-free path to state-of-the-art technology.
Let not your BMS come in the way!

Do you dread the thought of an upgrade to your BMS Software?

Failed BMS controller or just an energy-saving measure, you’ve always kept a BMS upgrade at arm’s length. It always tags along with high cost, intensive labour, and frustrating downtime. What if you never revisited this? When was the last time you knew Google rolled out an update? That’s some pure cloud trait!

Does the threat of security exposure of your systems linger in your mind?

Your complex BMS was not inherently designed to be open and connected. Smart transformation demands you integrate BMS into other systems. But more interconnected on IP networks means more exposed to cyber risks. There’s always the fear of outsiders gaining control of connected systems to manipulate building conditions and cause panic.Put all your security worries to the backseat with Facilio. Our robust IoT edge addresses all imminent risks associated with data extraction out of siloed systems. With top-notch security standards, we deliver guaranteed protection that’s rightly expected from open systems.

Do you deal with systems that are plain obstinate to functionally evolve?

Modification of an existing BMS is capital-heavy. Be it enhancing sensor infrastructure or, even scheduling a visit for a BMS consultation, the process screams complexity everywhere!Facilio lets you seize the power to infuse flexibility in any of your modules. With unlimited ways to customize your entire spectrum of optimization-support modules, you get a software fingerprint unique to your building!

Are you overwhelmed by the complicated process that follows a BMS problem?

Faulty actuators or disconnected workstation from buildings, you invite third-party consultants for a building survey when there’s a BMS problem. The process of scheduling their visit through managing login formalities for each of them into the system is an add-on that’s least constructive.With Facilio’s mobile-accessible unified interface, resolve problems faster from anywhere using a Single Sign-On(SSO) across various modules of the app.
Streamline your operations, build extraordinary experiences
Web-based enterprise BMS
Access your systems from anywhere, any devices with no add-on software. Breathe new life into your Facility operations using an app that’s not limited, site-specific and rigid.
Data visualization across portfolio
Capture simultaneous snapshots of live performance data of all your systems. Accurately track building conditions like current IAQ, outdoor weather conditions, temperature, energy use, occupancy.
Point-and-click graphics
Feast your mind on nuggets from an unbelievably user-friendly interface. Perform actions - like simple graphical adjustment to define zone control setpoint, trend analysis of building condition over a period of time.
Optimum and refreshingly simple control for your enterprise
  • Campus-level Control
    Centralize your building operations to fix ailing assets swiftly, drive workforce productivity, and stay on top of unexpected energy outlays.
  • Continuous Sustainability
    Gain real-time energy insights, identify inefficiencies, and predict consumption for sustained energy efficiency in your enterprise.
  • Smoothly Scaling Portfolio
    Expand your portfolio of buildings with no added physical infrastructure. Easily scale your cloud data in Facilio like an automatic background job.

Facilio's connected buildings approach has helped us upgrade the quality of service for our customers, using the same resources and assets that were at our disposal earlier. We increased our workforce productivity by 13% within 6 months of digitizing operations using Facilio.

Sangeetha B
GM, Al Fajer.

Facilio has changed the way we manage buildings. It’s time-consuming to deliver CRE solutions, especially to large projects (that of a leading airline company) - so having a single tool to track, manage, and control asset performance in real-time is incredible. We now have a central place to manage distributed properties more efficiently.

Bhadra Prasad
Operations Manager, Middle East

Facilio is a very powerful tool. We were able to quickly connect portfolio systems, set up a command center, and scale O&M services across properties effectively.

Paulo D

With more than 35 distributed workspace infrastructure, we were looking at ways to efficiently optimize operations and maintenance activities across our portfolio. Facilio gave us a single centralized platform to organize mobile maintenance schedules, compliance activities, and manage vendor workflows, across multiple locations.

Deepak Dhadich
Senior VP