Flexible facilities management software, built for efficiency

Instead of having information spread between silo-ed CaFM/CMMS tools across your portfolio, Facilio brings context, flexibility, and mobility to your building maintenance and asset lifecycle management.

Your single window to portfolio building maintenance
Automate work orders based on date, time, alarms, meter readings, or any defined anomaly. Easily create schedules with planned maintenance, track current and past tasks, and keep assets in the best health to deliver the best tenant experience. Proactively gauge asset issues, and fix things before they break down. Tie asset actions to alarm triggers and get notified immediately.
Stop reacting to fires and start taking action
Accurately quantify energy
Your powerful personal assistant
Enjoy smart tracking of PMs and an intelligent resource planner across every asset and space using Facilio’s 52-WEEK calendar. Customize recurring events with all the approvals still in place. Toggle events on or off, and always know who’s doing what by when. Track maintenance schedules weekly, monthly, or yearly and enjoy flexible planned maintenance that can be modified or rescheduled to accommodate your priority.
Focus and act on what
matters first
Facilities are far more efficient when you manage the whole building performance, free of clutter. Use intuitive dashboards to make it the most actionable and dynamic home base of your top metrics. Facilio gives you portfolio-wide visibility into live efficiency of teams/technicians, groups with the most pending work orders, total downtime by the asset, the total cost of operation for a specific department, and more.
 Gauge effectiveness
 Gauge effectiveness
Automate and configure approvals
Automate any work-order and other business processes to your specific needs without conforming to rigid templates. Configure any process from work orders, alarms, gate pass, and leasing with simple if-else conditions to detailed scripts. Automate everything ranging from workflow processes and work-order approvals to suit your business requirements.
Take action on the go
Take action on the go while quickly staying updated on the overall picture. Quickly drill down into any information, monitor alerts, and stay on top of your facility at all times. Gather approval requests and route work orders across any location on the move. Gain actionable insights with full context, by knowing asset history and records of past performance to fast-forward diagnosis and fix things quicker.
 Take action on the go
 Gauge effectiveness
Optimize asset profit throughout their lifecycle
Track items, store, tools, purchase requests, and monitor your stocks, assets in use. Know information on retried assets, keep track of inventory items, and know before they run out. Predict asset shortage and coordinate procurement with the vendor. Calculate the cost for rented assets usage by technicians, by calculating their rent timeline and expiry.
Powerful FM software for
frictionless maintenance
Quick verification

Help your technicians capture
the right assets before and after
repair with a simple picture.

Instant Resolution

Get an e-signature from
the tenant before starting repairs
and after a satisfactory resolution.

QR code scanner

Use the QR code to track asset
information on previous and present
asset location across facility

Hardware agnostic

Leverage actionable insights
to perform corrective maintenance
on top of existing infrastructure


Customized or Template PMs
for multiple building and asset
types effortlessly.


Select the priority of the work
order, team size, and also
the duration.

Facilio's connected buildings approach has helped us upgrade the quality of service for our customers, using the same resources and assets that were at our disposal earlier. We increased our workforce productivity by 13% within 6 months of digitizing operations using Facilio.

Sangeetha B
GM, Al Fajer.

Facilio has changed the way we manage buildings. It’s time-consuming to deliver CRE solutions, especially to large projects (that of a leading airline company) - so having a single tool to track, manage, and control asset performance in real-time is incredible. We now have a central place to manage distributed properties more efficiently.

Bhadra Prasad
Operations Manager, Middle East

Facilio is a very powerful tool. We were able to quickly connect portfolio systems, set up a command center, and scale O&M services across properties effectively.

Paulo D

With more than 35 distributed workspace infrastructure, we were looking at ways to efficiently optimize operations and maintenance activities across our portfolio. Facilio gave us a single centralized platform to organize mobile maintenance schedules, compliance activities, and manage vendor workflows, across multiple locations.

Deepak Dhadich
Senior VP