Top 10 Best EAM Software in 2022

EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) is a process that aids businesses in optimizing the best performance of their expensive and heavy physical assets, such as vehicles, machinery, and buildings, to prevent downtime.

This process is mainly used by companies that rely immensely on such assets and equipment for operations, such as mining, energy, oil & gas, utility, aerospace, government, and defense. This is done to maintain asset health, safety, and efficiency. Several EAM solution exists in the market, and this article will help you choose the right one for your business needs.

Here, we shall rate the different EAM software based on their likeability by the masses, ratings, ease of use, and account management services.

What is EAM Software?

An enterprise asset management software is primarily a transactional workflow system. It includes a linear or hierarchical asset register and data to streamline asset maintenance.

The program supports scheduled maintenance procedures based on past performance data or OEM vendor recommendations. The phrase "computerized maintenance management system" (CMMS) is another way to refer to EAM. These systems are typically considered single-site, small-scale applications with limited resource scheduling and parts management functionality.

However, there is no set definition that is enforced, and each vendor uses a different language and concepts.

Here is a list of the ten best EAM software:

10 Best EAM Software

  1. Facilio
  2. UpKeep
  3. Redlist
  4. Fractal
  5. Maintenance Connection
  6. IBM Maximo
  7. Fiix
  8. eMaint CMMS
  9. IFS EAM
  10. HxGN EAM

1. Facilio

Facilio’s EAM solution keeps and updates information about your business's facilities, inventories, and assets. This data can be used to analyze expenses, manage inventory & resources, track asset status, and schedule maintenance work.

The Facilio software suite can be tailored to fit the requirements of a wide range of organizations, including office buildings, hotels, academic institutions, and other similar commercial structures.

Businesses can lower operational expenses without jeopardizing safety by enhancing the performance and availability of their assets that generate revenue.

Facilio’s EAM Software allows you to do the following:

  1. Record keeping from when a service request is made until a problem has been resolved, and all relevant documents and communications are recorded.
  2. Keeps track of repair orders and errors more effectively & planning out preventative maintenance.
  3. Monitors inventory usage to determine the ideal stock levels. The objective is to minimize unused inventory and related carrying costs while increasing item availability for the planned activity.
  4. Keeps track of the materials and inventory purchases for work orders. You can use Facilio to track expenses for labor, supplies, services, assets, and tools used to accomplish work orders to help with budget creation.

Facilio has several features, such as:

  • Asset lifecycle administration
  • Scannable barcodes and tickets
  • Mobile CMMS
  • Maintenance activity tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Spare part tracking
  • Inventory levels
  • Accounting & billing
  • Permit and contract administration
  • Maintenance costs
  • Asset performance monitoring
  • Equipment handling
  • Infrastructure asset management
  • Facility planning

Apart from this, Facilio has built-in asset lifecycle management, maintenance management, sustainability management, and workplace management.

Facilio has an overall score of 4.2/5 on GetApp.

What users like about Facilio:

“A good experience. I am learning and taking a new vision of management software. But as the title says, there are only a few improvements to improve this experience. What did you like most about this software? Innovative Software for contemplating various features that we only found if we had 2 or 3 different software.”

Facilio Review, Fernando, M.

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2. UpKeep

UpKeep is a mobile-friendly cloud-based CMMS. It is ideal for various industries, including manufacturing, construction, distribution, warehousing, utilities, hotels, restaurants, food processing, churches, education, and more. With capabilities for work order creation, prioritization, signature capture, image annotation, asset data import, barcode scanning, inventory management, chat & collaboration, invoice preparation, and more, the system enables users to handle maintenance planning and work orders on the go.

3. Redlist

Redlist is a cloud-based CMMS for small to large enterprises' production planning and asset management. It uses customized forms, maintenance, and production tools. Its customers may maintain safety throughout operations through audits, real-time alerts, and corrective action work orders. It is designed for the agriculture, crane & heavy haul, construction, facilities, F&B, manufacturing, mining & metals, oil & gas, utilities, and waste management sectors.

4. Fracttal

Fracttal is a powerful cloud-based and 100% mobile-based CMMS/EAM software on the market. Fractal is an agile software that can align with any type of organization or industry, innovative and unique. It helps in digital transformation that enhances the longevity of assets and makes your team more productive.

5. Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection administers computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) to organizations of all sizes globally. The solution can support various industries such as manufacturing, facility management, healthcare, government, leisure, mining, and transportation. Tracking orders, scheduling preventive maintenance, and managing service requests are all made easier with the aid of Maintenance Connection.

6. IBM Maximo

Intelligence for a new era of asset management, maintenance, and operations are some of the features that the IBM Maximo Application Suite takes pride in offering. By integrating Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions into an open, hybrid-cloud-based integrated suite, IBM Maximo expands its market-leading CMMS/EAM platform and offers monitoring, maintenance, and reliability data on a single platform.

7. Fiix

Fiix, by Rockwell Automation company, combines asset, work order, and parts management tools with high-powered cloud and mobile capabilities. It is among the most open integration networks with AI-driven insights. You can get a complete view of work, parts, costs, schedules, and KPIs. You can also connect shop floor IoT solutions and corporate IT systems to improve asset performance, communication, business results, and sustainability.

8. eMaint CMMS

Owing to some top-notch customer service, the eMaint Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software helps boost asset reliability and extend equipment life. You may save labor costs by standardizing procedures and improving operations with eMaint. Utilize the system to manage work orders, automate PM schedules, and guarantee spare part availability. Thanks to cloud-based technology, teams may access critical data from any location, whether at the plant, out in the field, or working remotely.


IFS EAM provides end-to-end services to users from the cradle to the grave. IFS allows businesses to realize operational objectives, generate cost reductions through enhanced maintenance operations, and boost user productivity through enhanced user experiences.

10. HxGN EAM

A highly configurable enterprise asset management system, HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) aids companies in the manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and public sector in gaining more insight into their capital assets. With its integrated performance management, preventative maintenance, and equipment assignment capabilities, HxGN EAM simplifies the administration of assets.

Choosing the best EAM software

The following are some core features in you need to look out for before choosing the EAM software that suits your business:

  • Asset organizing and management: One of the primary functions of enterprise asset management software is to organize and manage assets. An asset hierarchy helps users keep track of the history and features of an asset. An example would be a breakdown showing what an asset does, where it is located, and what parts are within that asset. For example, an air conditioning unit installed on a specific date, situated in a particular office, containing a motor, freon, and an electric harness. This breakdown gives maintenance teams a better understanding of where their assets are located and how to schedule maintenance checkups accordingly.
  • Asset tracking: Companies using fixed assets need to know exactly which equipment is used, where, and how. This functionality relies on asset information provided by equipment manufacturers and the asset hierarchy mentioned above. Multiple fixed assets can be tracked across multiple locations using GIS (geographic information system) and RFID (radio-frequency identification).
  • Inventory management: Inventory management features help you track spare parts and accessories required to perform repairs and other maintenance operations. You can also use inventory management to estimate future demand for spare parts, plan maintenance operations based on stock availability, and calculate repair costs.

The EAM solution that ticks all these boxes is Facilio.

Facilio transforms EAM processes, supporting operational teams in their effort to maximize profitability, reduce risk, and improve customer service.

Facilio is powered by IoT and AI, providing real-time insights into equipment performance and helping you be proactive with maintenance to improve asset life cycles, automate workflows, minimize unplanned downtimes, and uncover more opportunities for improved performance and energy savings.

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