Top 10 Best Facility Management Software in 2022

Every aspect of your facility is important, regardless of your industry. You need to set solid guidelines to handle its functioning, safety, and maintenance.

These factors fall into facility management, and companies use facility management software to easily perform these tasks.

What is facility management?

Facility or facilities management (FM) is an occupation meant to ensure the proper functioning, habitability, comfort, and feasibility of facilities, such as the buildings and infrastructure we occupy and use daily.

FM is meant to bring the people, systems and processes within these environments and it continuously strives to improve the quality of life for people and help improve productivity.

With FM, you can ensure that all the systems work seamlessly together, right from the entry point to a meeting room in a particular block.

The person responsible for this is a facility manager. Managers ensure these systems connect well with each other, the facilities work as they should, and the tenants and occupants are satisfied.

What is facility management software?

Facility management software helps companies completely optimize facility maintenance across portfolios.

FM software solutions help with maintenance management, sustainability, asset lifecycle management, vendor management, and facility upkeep.

Different vendors use different terminologies to describe facility management software, namely computer-aided facility management (CAFM), computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), and enterprise asset management (EAM).

Facility management software is used by maintenance teams in many industries, such as commercial portfolios, corporate facilities, and retail.

Best facility management software

Check out the top 10 best facilities management software in the market:

  • Facilio
  • Brightly Asset Essentials
  • eFACiLiTY
  • QuickFMS
  • WebTMA
  • AkitaBox
  • CloudApper Facilities
  • IBM Tririga
  • ServiceChannel
  • RAM Facilities Management

The reviews below are sourced from GetApp and G2 (unless otherwise indicated).

*Some reviews are edited for clarity.

1. Facilio

Facilio is a leading, user-friendly, cloud-based software-as-a-solution(SaaS) CMMS software trusted by companies across 150 million square feet globally.

The maintenance management software packs a connected CMMS, a sustainability suite, and a connected buildings module.

Using Facilio's facility management solution, you can:

  • Schedule preventive maintenance
  • Configure APIs
  • Maintain task checklists
  • Perform asset tracking through barcodes
  • Perform property management
  • Track notifications
  • View floorplans
  • Perform workspace management
  • Handle facility operations
  • Streamline maintenance requests
  • Track key metrics
  • Manage stakeholders

Facilio helps you stay on top of all team tasks, regardless of your location. Your teams can access the best tools to stay smart, responsive, and highly productive.

With Facilio, you don’t have to rely on emails and spreadsheets to keep track of information from work orders, assets, and tickets. This is a problem with all other solutions, big and small.

The platform delivers everything a facilities company needs, such as planned and unplanned maintenance, SLA compliance, contract management, and energy insights.

What users love about Facilio

“Innovative Software for contemplating various features that we only found if we had 2 or 3 different software.”
– Fernando M., GetApp review

2. Brightly Asset Essentials

Brightly Asset Essentials is an asset management platform that helps operation professionals manage facilities, handle maintenance costs, boost productivity, and make better decisions. The solution also connects with different solutions in your ecosystem.

3. eFACiLiTY

eFACiLiTY is a facility management solution that provides a complete perspective on all your facilities' operations by combining space, people, assets, and maintenance in a single solution.

4. QuickFMS

QuickFMS is a cloud-based facility management solution that lets you organize, structure, and handle all the components in your business and across portfolios for efficiency, ROI, and performance.

5. WebTMA

WebTMA is a facilities management solution that can be configured according to your needs. The solution helps reduce downtime and increase productivity and reliability.

6. AkitaBox

AkitaBox provides a solution that helps you optimize your facilities in real time. You get access to facility data, conditions, and more in their solution helping you simplify operations, manage risks, and solve facility issues.

7. CloudApper Facilities

This facility management software helps simplify all your facility operations and asset maintenance tasks. It's an easy-to-use application, available on mobile as well, that helps employees save time by providing deep-dive information into facility details, data, and procedures.

8. IBM Tririga

IBM TRIRIGA is a facilities management solution that uses IoT and AI to provide users with better visibility into space and facilities, helping with occupant experience, administration, and more. It also has integrated workplace management system (IWMS) capabilities built in.

9. ServiceChannel

ServiceChannel provides managers with a solution to handle their facilities across their company. It is a single solution that helps handle repair, management, and maintenance data.

10. RAM Facilities Management

Real Asset Management's Facilities Management software helps modernize facilities and real estate management across industries. You can manage work orders on desktop and mobile, handle KPIs and streamline processes to reduce property management costs.

Selecting the best facility management software for your business

Every company has unique facility needs. You need to keep this in mind while selecting a facility management solution.

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • What are the features I require?
  • What are the challenges I need to be solved?
  • What's my budget?
  • How easily can it be implemented?
  • What will be my ROI?

The solution that ticks all these checkboxes and more is Facilio.

But don't take our word for it.

Schedule a demo and learn how Facilio is the best option for your facility needs.