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Revolutionizing FM – Facilio Named An Innovation-driven Challenger by Leading Analyst Firms - Verdantix, M&M

This is huge!!

We are thrilled to announce that Facilio has been recognized as an innovation-driven challenger in ‘Verdantix Green Quadrant IoT Platforms For Smart Buildings 2019’ and ‘Integrated Workplace Management System Market – Global Forecast To 2024’ by Markets and Markets – two of the most highly regarded evaluations in the industry.

What’s more, we are super excited to be recognized alongside established industry leaders – including JCI, UTC, Siemens, and Schneider – for creating a new and intuitive product that has innovation at the core!

From the very beginning, “Innovation” has been the driving force behind our every effort – from product capabilities to solving customer problems – and this recognition is a huge motivator for us to continuously innovate and tread the path to the future of FM.

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Challenging the status quo – Enter a modern IoT-enabled world

The recognition is huge, mainly keeping in mind the meticulous approach that both firms undertake to evaluate industry players – based on how to drive value from these solutions in practice.

The ‘Verdantix Green Quadrant IoT Platforms For Smart Buildings 2019’ report has Facilio as one of the 13 most prominent IoT platforms out of 70+ entrants – arrived based on live product demonstrations and a comprehensive 108-point questionnaire, which surveyed 304 real estate customers.

The ‘Integrated Workplace Management System Market – Global Forecast to 2024’ report by Markets and Markets, was created after extensive analyzation of the North American, European, APAC, MEA, and Latin American regions.

Facilio was acknowledged for its clear vision, established a financial strategy, and the potential to disrupt the IWMS industry by providing a unified O&M solution and end-user oriented platform.

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Top 3 Insights – What makes Facilio an innovation-driven challenger against traditional FM software players

#1 Platform built for buildings:

Amidst incumbent legacy players that are either repurposed industrial solutions or expensive rigid software, Facilio’s recognition as a modern and intuitive solution is backed by our end-to-end platform capabilities built to suit the dynamic nature of facilities.

Ease of use, custom workflows, and being able to unify diverse data across the portfolio is a crucial factor when choosing an IoT platform and Facilio’s capabilities – being able to provide a tightly woven solution for building O&M, asset lifecycle performance, sustainability, and tenant experience across the portfolio – fit the bill perfectly.

#2 Innovation a part of our DNA

At Facilio, we were continually innovating to make product capabilities meet the evolving needs of customers, and that’s how we found our footing – using IoT to leverage the extensive data available within existing building systems and deliver superior facilities experiences in real-time. As the industry strives to meet competitive performance requirements, sustainability targets, and seamless experiences, Facilio’s tech-driven approach is set to transform how facilities will be managed.

#3 Constantly evolving with customers

As a team, we are always committed to making the product, features and values meet with what all of you out there – firefighting on the field and managing large portfolios – really want.

Continually evolving the tech and our platform based on customer feedback and changing needs of facilities is one of our strongest footholds, and we are forever grateful to the fantastic FM community for fuelling this transformation – from a new product to an innovation-driven challenger in the market!

We, being identified as a Strong global contender, Innovative IoT solution, and also as The Disruptive O&M platform, reflect strongly on our capability to go toe to toe against long-established industry leaders.

This recognition is an endorsement to our ceaseless commitment and mindfulness in expanding our product capabilities to help you manage building operations and achieve continuous efficiency.

As we continue making inroads globally, here’s how we are solving the problem of complexity in operations through data.

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