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Raising the innovation bar: Facilio wins ‘Software of the Year’ at CBNME Awards

What a year!

Your status quo was challenged, and priorities skewed off on tangents.

The commercial real estate industry as a whole survived one of the biggest crises in its history.

And we are thrilled to share that, despite the turmoil of 2020, Facilio won two Innovation in Construction and FM awards presented by the Construction Business News Middle East (CBNME): ‘Software of the Year‘ and “CEO of the Year.”

These wins are a testament to our progressive ability to quickly restrategize to help owners and operators cope with new-found restrictions and shutdowns. They also acknowledge the silent revolution that’s been brewing within—a data-led revolution driving agile operating methods in CRE portfolios.

We appreciate the pat on the back and the recognition that our innovative solutions keep the wheels turning for clients in tough times and beyond.

What are the CBNME Innovation awards?

The CBNME Awards, in its fifth year now, is one of the most prominent FM events in the Middle East. The selection committee celebrates and rewards construction and FM professionals who create an impact on corporations, projects, and technology with innovation. The awards panel comprises an eminent jury of industry experts who sift through hundreds of nominations from the region’s leading RE solution providers.

Winning just one of these highly coveted awards speaks to our high level of performance and success in the FM industry. But winning two awards—especially in a year riddled with uncertainties—proves our team’s hard work and customer-focused collaboration.

The wins emphasize the need for a modern approach to portfolio operations

“This recognition highlights the Middle East’s growing appetite for innovation in building operations and management,” says Prabhu Ramachandran, CEO of Facilio. “A cradle of disruptive technologies, the UAE offers immense opportunities and lays the red carpet for new initiatives. The region also greatly fosters new ideas that have helped birth and nurture numerous cutting-edge technological solutions — including ours.”

The awards also validate the need for a modern and efficient way of operating buildings. Traditional ways of siloed and disconnected property operations stifle the resource optimization efforts of modern real estate professionals, which is why the industry is on the cusp of a  transformation—a shift to an agile, data-driven operating model.

Progressive FMs are already sensing the potential in this opportunity— and they’re going all out to seize it. Many niche FM service providers are beginning to reimagine property operations through the data-driven lens. With proactive intelligence and portfolio-wide visibility, these leaders are well-equipped to make data-led decisions that transfer the value of operational efficiency to end-users.

ICD-Brookfield Place —a landmark project in Dubai—is one example of a CRE adopting the data-driven operating model.  Facilio helps ICD-Brookfield unify disparate systems and deliver real-time operational intelligence. The property is now empowered to continually optimize its efficiency, sustainability, and tenant experience.

The prevailing conditions are already affecting a natural transition to customer experience, with a magnified focus on service quality, building health, and occupant experience. By using data to inform the decisions you make every day, you can create a modern playbook for efficiency in FM operations for your buildings.

Now’s the perfect time to embrace operational innovation

“Change is coming, and the adoption of innovative OT(Operational Technology) solutions is on the horizon,” says Raj Subramanian, Co-founder, Facilio. “Innovation in abstracting the hardware layer away from the software layer penetrates the industry fast. This software-driven trend will continue to reshape the foundation of how we approach operational challenges at the portfolio scale.”

The year 2021 is upon us. It’s time for operations executives to think like future leaders, enabling operations to be proactive, adaptive, and efficient. Now that real-time, data-led software rapidly delivering business value is here, the RE industry has the missing link to portfolio-wide, agile operational excellence at its fingertips.

Are you ready to embrace the change?

Facilio can help

Facilio is a data-driven property operations cloud platform aggregating operational information across RE portfolios to help owners and operators optimize performance and control operations from one place.

Trusted by forward-thinking enterprises across 40 million square feet of space globally, Facilio empowers RE professionals with real-time operational visibility and complete control over their portfolios.

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