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Connected Buildings
Vaishnavi Murthy

How to get started with data-driven building operations

This is the second post in the series on leveraging data to optimize building performance and operate your entire portfolio as one. In our first post, we talked about the importance for property owners and operators to have real-time visibility into operations and why it’s

How facility managers can win in today's reality
Building Operations & Maintenance
Nivedha Sridhar

How facility managers can win in today’s reality (video inside)

5 new-age FM and operations leaders share secrets on building operations, technology, and delivering experiences that occupants like. There’s a lot of modern technology out there for facilities managers. But who’s using it to its full potential to improve efficiency and create positive tenant experiences?
FDD Evaluation guide
Connected Buildings
Priya Shankar

How property owners can overcome information barriers in FDD evaluation

We’re seeing a surge in Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) solutions across the buildings industry. This is unsurprising, as the role of FDD in achieving operational efficiency is becoming more and more clear.  What is surprising is the pace of adoption in the CRE landscape—it

Reimagining the office 2020
Building Operations & Maintenance
Nivedha Sridhar

Reimagining the office: what property operators need to know post-pandemic?

While telecommuting has grown in popularity over the years, only about 3.6% of the US population worked remotely pre-pandemic. That number abruptly spiked earlier this year—over 30% of workers who were employed in early March had switched to working at home by the first week