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Connected Buildings
James Dice

Smart building success needs a new & improved system integration model: Here’s why

There’s an ever-growing momentum behind property owners deploying smart building tech projects across their portfolios. However, it is not without struggle. While owners and operators are increasingly recognizing the business value of emerging technologies, it’s often the integration with existing systems that is the biggest

Connected Buildings
James Dice

Why you need to extract more value from your building data and analytics

It is largely understood that analytics software for buildings provides unmatched power to support the processes—such as energy management, commissioning, and data-driven maintenance—needed to operate a modern portfolio of commercial buildings. For us analytics nerds, it finally feels like we’re not alone in preaching about

Internet of Things
Chinmayi Udaybhaskar

#5QuestionsWith an IoT Expert

#5QuestionsWith is an interview series with RE experts to help the industry learn, grow, and be inspired. Read on as FM and PropOps leaders talk to us about their highs and lows and what it means to be a change-maker in the smart buildings arena.

Inside Facilio
Chinmayi Udaybhaskar

Gear up for agile property operations in 2021: Best ways to prepare

When COVID-19 unceremoniously brought the real estate industry to a staggering halt, it was difficult to imagine a comeback as strong as the one we’re seeing right now.  Property owners and operators were hammered by challenges. But those challenges made us rethink. Some re-evaluated operating