Introducing real-time metering across portfolio.

The final destination of any construction is its operational phase. CRE (commercial real estate) owners, today, have zero-to-limited control over utility bill shocks.

In a vast majority of portfolios, a technician typically has to go around multiple buildings to manually write down the numbers displayed on meters. Some facilities have a system in place to collect all meter data via the BMS transferring the information onto a spreadsheet in batches. The documents, however, when shared back and forth between departments in complex CRE portfolios, result in versioning issues and inaccuracy of data.

All of these manual processes add to an average delay of 35-40 days between the end of billing period and when costs gets recovered. Slow recovery means cash flow is stifled. With tenants increasingly including utility billing as a factor in lease decisions, CREs continue to struggle with the current process of meter readings that is inefficient, inaccurate, and frustrating.  

The missing piece gets remedied today. We’re glad to introduce you to your first step towards everyday sustainability.


Simplified and real-time meter data collection 

Facilio enables CREs to empower technicians through app-based meter readings. It also helps CREs to automatically collect meter/sub-meter data by directly interfacing with existing BMS systems. Facility managers will now be able to track energy and water data in real-time, granularly have a hold over bill value, and track cost recovery across portfolio.

Technicians can work smart and faster knowing exactly where things stand. For example, if Jon’s assigned a planned maintenance of ‘energy meter rounds at Block A of the Tower of Winterfell’ – this is how he’d go about it.

He’d select the Work Order, go on to Tasks and check off the list that prompts for a meter reading input along with a picture proof of the reading.



With real-time meter data, Facilio closes two gaps CREs regularly identify with,

1. Your data is now reliable, accurate, and available easily. Facilio automatically collects meter data across portfolio, either via app-based maintenance or continuous IoT-driven data collection, leaving no chance for manual error.

2. Your portfolio’s energy consumption and bill value is optimized in real-time. Facilio uses the meter data to analyse tenant consumption, reconcile bill value and speed up recovery.

This level of granularity helps in achieving OpEx savings through simple, no-cost behaviour changes


Economize consumption through a phased approach

A key concept to achieving efficient facilities is allowing a phased approach. As a CRE, you may first digitize readings maintenance. You may also connect your meters and sub-meters to multiple BMS controllers that seamlessly interface with a unified software. You may roll out smart meters to spawn interval data for advanced analysis of energy and asset performance in real-time. Facilio provides space for all of that, and more.

A comprehensive strategy leads to more understanding of metrics and comparisons, and drives the need to pay attention to not just installation costs of energy units but also the operational costs that come with it. Contextual maintenance in combination with real-time energy analysis contributes towards third-party certifications (like LEED for Existing Buildings) and helps secure performance rating consistently.

With exposure to granular levels of operations, Facilio helps CREs make teams work smart and faster, ensure billing transparency, and drive continuous sustainability performance, all within a single interface.