Everything your legacy CMMS offers and much, much more—only more simplified

Simplify O&M digitization with a new breed of fully integrated, and agile workflows. You deserve more than a repurposed software, to automate your unique processes and unlock the best cost and productivity outcomes.

Bring visibility & ease-of-efficiency into your building lifecycle investments
Know and control end-to-end equipment lifecycle with Facilio. All the information about your asset operations—mean time to repair/replace, extra cost, lifecycle cost, downtime/uptime, replacement history, work orders and more—are now available in a single location tightly coupled with your existing BIM/data models. You’ll never have to dig up asset operational information again!
Equipment Repository
Maintenance History
Lifecycle Analysis
Uptime metrics
Depreciation & Budgeting
3D Asset View
Flexibility to operate—be it
hard or soft services
One unified platform for all operations and maintenance types—corrective, reactive, breakdown, scheduled inspections, routines, and audits—provides the efficiency of a single command and control center across your operations power house. Say no to complexities and yes to optimizing every aspect of operations and elevating ultimate experience for customers.
Mobile Work orders
Powerful PPM Engine
Calendar-based Dispatch
Janitorial Inspections & routines
Integrated Inventory
Make your CMMS work for you, not the other way around
We know this for a fact. The single biggest challenge with your maintenance software today is it requires lots of dirty work to get any real business value. With Facilio, lose the mundane and automate tasks in a jiffy. From automated approvals to routing your own unique work processes to remote collaboration—Facilio’s digital workflows optimize how things get done.
Automate Approvals
Smart Resource Allocation
Realtime MIS Reporting
Automate work to quote
Roles & Authorizations
Facilities become
future-ready with Facilio

How Quality FM automated property operations at
scale for frictionless customer experience?

We knew silo-ed software wasn't the way anymore. We had to modernize our operations management and make it easier for managers to stay one step ahead of portfolio performance.

Sumith Sukumaran Operations Manager, Quality Group

Future-proof your buildings today

  • Centralized data
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Contextual apps