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Unveiling Facilio’s Revive: Enterprise O&M elevated with a groundbreaking UX upgrade

Discover the transformative power of Facilio Revive, the latest strategic upgrade designed to revolutionize enterprise Operations and Maintenance. With its user-centric UX, streamlined processes, and advanced analytics, Revive sets a new standard in efficiency and ease of use for O&M stakeholders.

The O&M landscape has changed dramatically, with user expectations evolving at lightning speed. But guess what hasn't kept pace? CMMS software, stuck in their prehistoric ruts.

Why the disconnect? CMMS companies are too busy building generic features that nobody uses, while neglecting the user experience (UX) that actually matters. This translates to low adoption rates and frustrated employees across the board.

Infographic illustrating user dissatisfaction with legacy CMMS systems

Outdated CMMS software is holding your O&M hostage.

But today, we unveil the key to breaking free: Facilio Revive

This is not just a software upgrade; it's a paradigm shift. Built for the modern O&M professional, it empowers your workforce, boosting efficiency and ushering in a new era of connected O&M success.

Introducing Facilio Revive: A Strategic Upgrade

Revive is a strategic upgrade to Facilio's O&M platform to empower all O&M stakeholders, from technician to administrator, by eliminating the friction in current enterprise UX, broadening the platform's existing capabilities, and fostering deeper user-centricity.

Enabling effortless O&M has always been our north star, and Revive takes our mission to the next level by:

  • Reducing configuration times up to 50%.
  • Slashing implementation times from months to weeks.
  • Offering granular insights and highly intuitive user environments.
  • Expanding analysis capabilities with a robust processing framework.

So, why do this now?

Compounding challenges, outdated CMMS, & weary users

Enterprise challenges are becoming more complex and novel by the day. Stakeholder operations must become agile, flexible, and connected for businesses to stay competitive. But the road isn’t easy with the current legacy tools. For instance:

  • The disconnected experience created by multiple-point solutions means that users must manually overcome data/process silos, which are tedious and unscalable.
  • Their non-intuitive and 1990s-style interface hinders the modern, ergonomic O&M experience. Even simple tasks require multiple clicks and can confuse users.
  • Constrained by processing speed and volume of data, analysis with legacy CMMS can often mean large waiting times and greater operational friction.
  • Visualization gaps in these tools mean that users can only organize complex data in limited ways, which dampens their understanding of processes.
  • Their rigid and monolithic design often means changing new processes to fit the tool instead of the other way around.

On average, 62% of O&M users manage their processes outside their legacy CMMS, on spreadsheets, paper-based forms/timesheets, etc, because of the broken UX.

“Leveraging these insights and our understanding of how businesses harness Facilio's existing capabilities, through the lens of design thinking, we designed a modern yet minimalistic UX that could enhance platform adoption and user productivity manifold."

-Yogendrababu, CTO Facilio

Revive: Elevating O&M through transparency, clarity, and simplicity

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from Revive in 2024:

Streamlined dashboarding & widget creation

Design impactful dashboards that maximize user adoption in just a few clicks and bring a consistent enterprise-wide experience - putting critical insights at your fingertips.                          

Supported Device: Web App and Mobile

Streamlined Dashboard Creation with Revive

Enhanced analytics powered by robust processing framework

Analyze your portfolio's data in one place, including energy, work orders, vendors, telemetry, and more. Process thousands of data points in seconds by using a palette of analytical tools, from charts to pivot tables, to help you make better decisions efficiently.

Supported Device: Web App and Mobile

Advanced Analytics in Action

Weave: No-code automation builder

Leverage the new drag-and-drop interface to empower your domain experts by giving them the means to design processes without any coding hassle. Intelligently execute tasks based on dynamic parameters like never before.

Supported Device: Web App

Simplifying Process Automation with Weave

Integrated PDF template builder & invoice generator

Manage all your operations-specific documentation & invoice templates under a single pane of glass. Maximise time-to-value and reusability minus the tedious paperwork.                 

Supported Device: Web App and Mobile

Efficient Documentation Management with Revive

Configurable page layouts

Tailor summaries to align with operational needs & user personas, providing only essential information for efficient task execution at scale.    

Supported Device: Web App

Customizable Operational Views with Revive

Control Actions

Automate energy set points, control multiple actions effortlessly, and track command status—all in one streamlined template for efficient energy optimization across your portfolio.                    

Supported Device: Web App

Optimized Energy Management Controls

Highlights of 2023: Other most impactful upgrades

In addition to launching Revive, 2023 was an amazing year for us!

We consistently enhanced the platform to modernize O&M processes while improving user experience. Here are the four most popular Facilio updates from 2023:

PPM 2.0

Quickly access PPM, work order information, scheduler, etc, at ease, and configure it based on assets, spaces, assignees, and job plans.

Improved impact calculator 

Use smart algorithms to calculate energy wastage and costs based on fault duration and severity. Quantify impacts using predefined formulas. Customise impact templates for unique building and fault scenarios.

Dedicated client portal

Manage all client information, activities, and communication through a single point. Catalogue all your client services in the dedicated portal for simplified access.

Live KPI history

Access and apply rules to historical data collected from assets to get better visibility into the usage, energy consumption, and performance over time.

As we usher in a new era with Facilio Revive, the narrative shifts from dissatisfaction to empowerment. We've listened to the users, and Revive is our resounding response – a strategic upgrade towards an O&M experience that's not just seamless but empowering.

Existing Facilio customers will experience a smooth transition with Revive readily available and fully integrated. In the coming months, we'll personally guide you to unlock the full potential of its benefits. Let's co-create a revolution!

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