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Meet the Facilio Partners Powering the Data-driven Building Operations Revolution

Revolutions do not always happen overnight.

In fact, it sometimes is not even obvious that they are happening at all. It often becomes clearer after the revolution just how profound the change has been.

As various megatrends combine to dramatically change the landscape of both suppliers and buyers, the building management industry is on the brink of one such revolution.

In the past – different BAS brands, contractors, and diverse O&M teams have made it almost impossible for property owners and operators to keep operations standardized and efficient across the board.

The widening gap between today’s needs and how context-lacked operational staff is – presents a huge opportunity to maximize the value of existing automation in buildings. And when viewed across a portfolio of buildings, this value compounds.

The inflection point in building operations today

On one side, customer demands keep changing (with the pandemic adding to the complexity of new guidelines and occupancy fluctuation) and on the other, we have technology evolving fast.

Today, property owners want a holistic view of their portfolio operations at any given time of the day. More demand for higher levels of comfort, safety, and energy-efficiency means more data, visibility into different aspects of operations, and smarter decisions to make.

Consequently, we’re seeing how software vendors, sensors and smart device manufacturers, automation contractors, and IT system integrators are diversifying their businesses to quickly adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

And, the main driver of this inflection point is data and improving results with it.

The technology at the edge has become so good that the opportunities offered by data, integrations, analytics, and so forth are tremendous and will continue to change the way building service providers and vendors run their businesses.

The ability to offer the right tailored solution is becoming fundamental to serve changing customer demands and our ecosystem is evolving with it.

The Innovators Collective

Working with different types of partners – we’ve seen how progressive companies have leveraged their existing relationships with customers to add more value by unifying operational data, analyzing it, and providing better efficiency opportunities – ultimately becoming the expert clients count on, especially in turbulent times like today.

It’s for that reason we’re proud to welcome our first batch of Facilio Partners to the #ReadyforInnovation Collective in Europe to lead the revolution towards data-driven building operations.

Since we last opened our partner program in 2018, we’ve tripled down on our effort to build a global network of trusted visionaries and experts. With new guidelines in place – building service providers and vendors are altering the way they deliver projects to meet growing client expectations in a systematic and integrated approach.

Meet the Fresh Group of Facilio Partners in Europe

It’s clear that innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. This diverse group of change-makers is helping bring momentum to data-led building operations across a massive audience in Europe. The #ReadyForInnovation Alliance aims to connect end-customers with the right experience and expertise in the market. Our partners will reduce time-to-value for their clients by offering the Facilio suite of solutions to help large portfolios automate maintenance, manage systems remotely, and improve sustainability.

“When our customers are successful, we’re successful. The #ReadyForInnovation Alliance is our commitment to working hand-in-hand to drive their growth, open up a barrier-free path for efficiency, and spread the word about the data-led building operations movement.” Prabhu R, our CEO, explained.

So, who’s joining the ranks – let’s take a look

Calosi has over 40 years of experience in the systems and energy management of industrial and commercial properties. With specialized products and services for air conditioning and energy management, Calosi specializes in solutions for improved building performance, sustainability, and occupant comfort.

“We are excited to be part of this extended community of innovators. To us, data-led means to help our customers achieve better operational efficiency. Having a real-time, data-driven property operations platform as Facilio helps us deliver new valuable services to our customers”, said Marco Ducci, Sales Manager, Calosi Group.

Steb Srl is a leading dealer distributor of thermomechanical and regulation products. They offer tech services for integrated building management aimed at comfort and energy savings. With over 200 projects, Steb Srl is a Niagara-certified SI enabling augmented reality and web application solutions for commercial and residential buildings.

Smart Services International is involved in the business of supplying high-tech drivers and components, both hardware and software. SSI is a Niagara partner enabling customers to create and deliver value services based on IoT.

With over three decades of experience, RTC provides corporate IT services that include IT infrastructure management, software development, and storage and networking solutions. RTC also specializes in energy management solutions and Facilio integrates modularly with its software suite to manage the performance of real estate portfolios.

“One of the achievements that customers can benefit from using Facilio is the simplicity to manage complex situations. I am a strong believer that such platforms play a key role in the energy field and given my personal experience in this field, we are appreciative of its ability to enable users to manage a large amount of data in a single platform. Facilio is aligned with today’s real needs: clear reports, organized data, cloud-based systems, rely on day to day support”, said Andrea Pavesi, Head of Energy Division, RTC Information Technology.

C2H is a visionary in sustainable building design and renewable technology applications. They offer services including energy savings assessments, sustainability assessment, BREEAM certification, renewable, and low-carbon design and installation. With a sustainability-fist approach, C2H manages dozens of projects.

SmartNode Kft. provides its partners with components for the implementation of building automation, energy and environmental monitoring systems, and building management systems. SmartNode is known to deliver high-quality services with over 20 years of industry experience as a Tridium Niagara partner.

Want to Join the Facilio Partner Program?

We launched the #ReadyForInnovation Collective because of overwhelming interest and feedback from the industry to create a barrier-free open foundation for building operations. If you’d like to become a Facilio Partner, contact us at We look forward to welcoming you to the data-led building operations movement.