Trade shows are the best places to experience innovation in real-time; to identify and get acquainted with the latest tech. When you get a chance to witness the most transformational tech in buildings at the Niagara Summit, you sure wouldn’t want to miss that, would you?



Meet Facilio – an IoT and ML driven facilities and sustainability software suite, at booth #208 in Niagara Summit, New Orleans, this year.

The buildings industry is going through a wave of transformation. Allow us to tell you how we could together, make a positive impact in the built world – by unifying facilities and sustainability management across portfolio.

We could give you a hundred reasons, but lets pick the top 5 now!

1. It’s time buildings took technologies like IoT and AI seriously

Did you know that the annual facilities and maintenance expenses amount to 20% of the buildings construction cost? That is quite huge on the balance sheet! Its imperative that technology adds value to the operations stage of buildings which is clearly the longer life cycle.

Managing buildings today means being more proactive than reactive. The trillion dollar Facilities Management industry is set to step up the game and curb inefficiencies with proactive monitoring and real-time maintenance using IoT, Machine Learning, and AI.

Facilio’s unified facilities and sustainability suite offers centralised management of buildings for multiple stakeholders. It uses IoT and Machine Learning to help you stay on top of building operations, sustainability performance, workforce efficiency and occupant comfort, all together in real-time.


2.To realise unified facilities and sustainability performance across portfolio

  Unified facilities and sustainability management has been the talk of the industry for quite sometime now, with no functional software to support the cause. Although there is a significant number of CAFM and Energy Management software providers in the market, it is evident that the maximum value for financially and sustainably healthy buildings is derived only by integrating the two.

When Sustainability is integrated with FM, it not only offers insight into how much energy is being spent but also gives data on how efficiently it could be managed with predictive maintenance of assets, avoiding discrepancies from those of them that are failing. Energy data integrated with everyday facilities performance draws meaningful insights and helps reduce energy cost by 30%.  

As CREs continue to add buildings to their portfolio and operations becomes complex, the process of integrating facilities with sustainability implies positive impact on the business by improving efficiency, centralised control and consolidated cost savings.


3. For real-time data integration across multiple BMS/BAS

Picture this! Most commercial buildings invest in capital intensive BMS/ automation systems to manage their capital intensive assets, however, the data from these systems are mostly siloed and disintegrated. Now how about collating those data, drawing meaningful insights and putting them to real-time action for operational and strategic goals?

Facilio along with Niagara JACE connects with existing building systems, fire safety, and stand alone control systems. It presents actionable dashboards with real-time performance metrics across multiple facilities. Facilio helps you implement planned and predictive maintenance, and automates work order generation in case of anomalies in energy parameters, or alarms in asset performance.

It’s time to harness technology for precise building metrics that enables facilities to save unwarranted expenses and labour costs, and improve energy efficiency and quality of occupant experience in buildings.

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4. CREs need unified software to manage large and distributed portfolios

For businesses to stay sustainable and competitive, it is important to invest in software that helps cut down costs and improve efficiencies.

For CREs with complex portfolios, spread across geographies, it’s important that benchmarking is made possible, and information is available, standardized, and accurate. Modern buildings, in order to stay competitive need a system that could connect all their data, enable real-time actionable intelligence and optimize cost and efficiencies.

Facilio’s unified software suite gives a bird’s-eye view of building performance across portfolio. It enables CREs to track expenses, SLA compliance, energy and capacity utilisation through a single interface. The software helps benchmark performance of multiple FM vendors across sites with up-to-date reports, allowing CREs to make key strategic decisions.

5. Because, lets partner!

Facilities need a blend of simple yet powerful software that works along with traditional building systems. One that  integrates with multiple layers BMS for seamless operations of buildings in real-time.

Do you feel you’d be the Watson to our Sherlock? Our partner in rooting out inefficiencies and realising real-time, facilities experience for CREs and all building stakeholders?

Meet us at the Summit!

Booth #208

April 15 – 17 at Hyatt Regency, New Orleans.

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