2019 was an eventful year for the Commercial Real Estate (CRE). Smart technologies introduced intelligence and mobility to an otherwise rigid and reactive building management. It quickly propelled building owners into embracing a flurry of data-harnessing solutions that served occupier comfort.

But the transition was riddled with frustrations and hiccups. Time and again, there were challenges with portfolio-wide visibility into operations, driving holistic efficiency, and unleashing innovation scalably. And so it was not a surprise when CREs faced increased competitive risk and reduced NOI!

Jump to 2020.. and the stage is set for the arrival of the next inflection point – CRE 3.0. The CRE community is already excited at the boundless potential of a unified data model in unleashing end-to-end O&M intelligence. To put it simply, it is defined by a 3-pronged approach-

  • Data extraction out of siloed building functions
  • Aggregation on a portfolio-central platform
  • Modular apps to perform data-driven operations acting on the rich-insights. 

CRE 3.0 will drive the now-gratifying mediocre building operations to excellence and efficiency. So now the power of data is unlocked in its true sense!


Considering the FM experts who have already jumped into this bandwagon, what are their priorities with the power of data in their hands? How are the data-savvy CRE executives overseeing and wielding independent control over building operations?

With a quest to answer these questions and more, we designed an expert guide by performing exhaustive research across the industry. 


Introducing State of CRE Operations 3.0

Facilio fielded this survey among 50 CRE players comprising of Corporations with multiple locations, Real estate developers, and Facility Management service providers spread across the US, UAE, and India to analyze and understand the 2019 State of CRE Operations. The outcome of this research is a comprehensive resource for helping you understand the latest CRE trends and know the strategies adopted by industry leaders in leveraging technology to catapult their revenue. 

Whether you’ve been poring on embracing data-driven operations or looking at counteracting challenges with digital transformation, this is the perfect place to draw the relevant insights.

You will also find 2020 predictions on the sustained interest in contemporary management models or change thereof, to help you better prioritize and strategize enterprise operational decisions for the future.

A quick preview of the report

We organized the State of CRE Operations 3.0 into six main sections:

Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll find in our report – 


1. Challenges in conventional CRE operations


2. How Attitude towards Data-driven Operations is Changing today


3. The need of the hour – Portfolio-wide Intelligence


4. Top data priorities of CREs, Corporates, and FM Services


5. Operational Efficiency soars with data


6. Rise of connected building


For an exhaustive analysis of our findings, download your free copy of the State of CRE Operations 3.0 now!