The Best Tools for Hybrid Teams in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we perceive workplaces, among many other things, forever. From a cubicle in a 60-story building to a comfy futon perched on the balcony in the hills–an office could be anything!

This forced businesses to rethink every aspect of their day-to-day operations. What resources do they need to keep all operations running smoothly? How can they manage just about everything in a remote setting and stay in control of their budgets? How do they optimize office space and energy utilization when employees work out of the office only a few days per week or month?

Fortunately, today, there's software for everything! We've compiled a list of essential tools and software across categories that make managing hybrid teams in the post-pandemic era easy.

Facilio for building operations and maintenance

Enterprises are rethinking how much of their massive office space is required when hybrid work is increasingly becoming the norm. Consider the costs of maintaining these buildings, spaces, and the wide range of assets inside.

Facilities management teams need a solution to plan space utilization, optimize assets performance and energy consumption, and reduce associated maintenance costs–all while ensuring the facility is well suited for the needs of its occupants.

Enter Facilio - A building operations management platform that serves as a single source of truth, enabling you to manage operations and maintenance for your entire portfolio from one place.

It connects disparate data sources and uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) to monitor real-time asset conditions. This helps facilities management teams maximize asset life cycles, reduce downtimes, boost workplace productivity, and optimize maintenance costs.

Calamari for time tracking and leave management

The possibility of managing leaves and tracking work online is crucial for every hybrid and remote environment. Since the beginning of the pandemic, companies have been forced to switch to remote work, and they need a bunch of tools to maintain the workflow.

Thanks to Calamari, companies can track employees' work time online, regardless of where employees work. It's easy, convenient for employees and employers, and it's eco - no paper needed.

Leave management is another HR process that Calamari helps in. You can plan a vacation, create new leave types and manage all the leave requests from one place. With real-time notifications, the acceptance process is quick and easy.

The newest module, Calamari Core HR, is a tool that allows collecting data about employees, their documents, and all the necessary info in one, well-protected place online where you can access them whenever you need it.

TimeCamp - to track remote worker's time and bill them accurately

Billing remote employees can still be a little tricky for some companies, especially if they use the manual clock-in/out methods. But the problem is solved by having a remote work timesheet application, such as TimeCamp!

The tool logs time automatically and seamlessly fills your employees' timesheets with working hours and, if the module is on, with daily activity.

In addition, the app starts tracking time while a user turns their device on and stops once the work is over, so you can be sure your employees' time is logged accurately.

Besides automatic timesheet filling, among various TimeCamp features, you'll find an attendance module available to browse for both employers and employees. It ensures the complete transparency of working time and helps calculate accurate payroll.

Moreover, time gathered by TimeCamp can be used for various purposes, such as tracking employees' performance and productivity.

Time doctor for tracking time and team productivity

Time doctor is a time tracking software for BPO, agencies, businesses and freelancers, whether employees work remotely or from office.

Added to efficient time tracking, the software empowers teams with productivity insights, enabling employees to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. This goes a long way in boosting team performance.

Whether at home, in-office or on the road, they’ll work the way that works best for both your business and your people. Time doctor comes with 60+ integrations too!

SmartTask for Project & Task Management

SmartTask is an all-in-one cloud-based work management platform built to manage remote teams of all sizes. It has capabilities in task management, project management, time tracking, and team collaboration.

It lets you create recurring tasks and subtasks, set task reminders, and comment on tasks. You can also see tasks in 4 views, including list, board, calendar, and timeline.

The project portfolio view helps you manage all ongoing projects from one single window. It also offers a workload view that helps managers track their team members' workload.

Communication is key, especially if you are managing a remote team. SmartTask also offers group chatting, voice calling, and video conferencing features.

Possibilities with SmartTask are infinite as it can integrate with 1000+ applications.

ProofHub for managing every aspect of remote work

ProofHub is a reliable online project management tool that provides remote teams with everything in one place. Remote workers can interact seamlessly with other team members and clients. ProofHub offers features like online proofing, discussions, and chat for real-time feedback and efficient remote work management in one centralized place.

Keeping track of project milestones and task deadlines, following a project deadline, documenting project scope, and outlining individual roles is a cakewalk with ProofHub. In addition, ProofHub also lets remote team members generate custom reports with its online reporting tool for feedback, task progress, and creating plans for future projects.

ClickUp for project management and team collaboration

ClickUp is a comprehensive project management tool that makes managing simple and complex projects easy! It makes life for project managers as easy as possible by helping them organize everything and bringing all work to a centralized place.

With ClickUp, you can track project progress, manage project risks, allocate resources effectively, collaborate with different teams and stakeholders, and much more. The many customizable and functional features it offers enables project managers with everything they need to manage multiple complex projects, streamline workflows, and deliver quality projects in an effective and timely manner.

NuovoTeam for keeping your mobile workforce connected on the go

The pandemic drove thousands of businesses to remote work. But, several industries have been operating with remote teams for ages, such as field and frontline services. The growing use of digital technology makes every business adopt the latest mobile devices to keep their field and mobile workforce connected with distributed teams. But, considering the harsh outdoor environment and labor-intensive operations in which the field employees thrive, are phone calls and emails the ideal way to stay connected with them?

Enter NuovoTeam PTT, a powerful push-to-talk app that facilitates ultra-fast press-button connectivity to users over cellular networks. Connect with an individual or conduct group conversation from anywhere in the world. NuovoTeam is designed to simplify remote communication between offices and field services. This is why, in addition to push-to-talk, NuovoTeam allows its users to leverage text messaging, image, video, and location sharing, corporate directory syncing, and much more.

Scalefusion for efficient device and endpoint management

Enterprises are trying out various strategies, such as remote and hybrid working, to maximize their efficiencies in the post-pandemic times. With this, company IT admins seek tools that cater to their dynamic device management needs.

Scalefusion Windows MDM is a comprehensive Windows MDM and endpoint management solution that helps IT admins reduce their cognitive load and gain great control over their devices. You can manage your diverse endpoints, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, and customer devices, no matter which OS type they belong to.

The Scalefusion dashboard is easy to use, offers multiple bulk enrollment options, and helps you create strong corporate policies to manage your various device ownership types, such as BYOD, COPE, CYOD, and more.

Scalefusion makes the perfect choice for IT admins to manage their devices, secure corporate data, and monitor compliance with deep analytics and reports from a unified console.

Podcastle for creating next-generation audio content

Podcasts and audio content reached their peak popularity around the pandemic, and they aren't going anywhere any soon. Podcasts are now an essential part of promotions for many successful businesses. However, creating podcasts in remote working conditions can take much work. Fortunately, Podcastle is here to save the day.

Podcastle is an AI-powered audio content creation and video interview recording software. Podcastle allows podcasters and other content creators to record, edit, improve, transcribe and export their content just with a few clicks.

Use its audio transcription feature to convert live speech from video or audio files into text, or use the text-to-speech function to turn your text into a variety of human-like voices.

Some other impressive features of Podcastle include multi-track recording for remote interviews with studio quality, video recordings up to 4K, and a multi-track editor.

Have studio-quality podcasts and audio chats available in your pocket!

EasyDMARC - to ensure your businesses' security in cyberspace

Email marketing and communication have become popular recently and integrated into many business working processes to maintain contact with clients, customers, and partners. Professional and working communications are easier to imagine with emails. But there is a risk of emails being attacked, phished, or sent to the spam folder. It's all connected to the deliverability issues.

Fortunately, the Easydmarc technological solution prevents companies from data leakage, protects them from financial loss, and email phishing attacks, averts customer loss, secures their email accounts, and prevents the unauthorized use of domains.

Use DMARC setup to protect your emails, send them to the proper recipients, don't think about deliverability issues, prevent cyberattacks and keep email communication on the right track. Additionally, EasyDMARC offers straightforward and user-friendly deployment of DMARC protocol and offers additional tools and features for smooth domain monitoring and email infrastructure visualization.

HackerEarth Assessments - for hiring assessments

HackerEarth Assessments is a tech hiring platform that helps recruiters and engineering managers to create accurate, skill-based coding tests and hire effortlessly. It offers a rich library of 16,000+ questions across 80+ skills that enables you to create highly accurate coding assessments with very minimal technical knowledge.

This platform lets you create your own assessment for any role or skill in under 5 minutes, and you can even add your custom questions.Since HackerEarth can seamlessly integrate with popular ATSs like LinkedIn Talent Hub, Lever, and more, you can sync all your candidate data with your ATS.

You can directly invite candidates to take the assessment you created on this platform, see at what stage each candidate is in throughout the hiring process, avail performance reports, and deliver real-time feedback to candidates all from your ATS – without switching between multiple applications.

Zonka Feedback - for gathering feedback from your remote teams

Managing your remote product team effectively is key to success. Enter Zonka Feedback, a popular SaaS product for creating surveys on the go.

The tool also integrates with video conferencing tools like Webex and enables you to organize live pools and Q&As to collect internal product feedback in virtual meetings.

Send product links to your teams and ask them to use the product, then send a product feedback survey with Zonka Feedback and get a clear user perspective. It is as easy as it gets.

You can try Zonka Feedback for free for 7 days.

Concluding notes

In the future, businesses must adapt technologies and systems to help cater to complex hybrid team structures. While this shift and its dynamic changes are daunting in many ways, companies can navigate them effectively with the right strategies and tech stacks.

We're always looking to add more helpful tools for managing hybrid and remote teams to this article. If you have used any other remote work tools and software you think everyone should know about, please let know!