Facility Management companies are constantly looking out for ways to become a key differentiator in the Facility Management market. FM companies have started to see technology as an ice-breaker to streamline their operations across maintenance management, asset management, sustainability management and more.

Recently, In association with Community Management Today, we discussed how Technology & Innovation are adding value to asset management in FM companies and how Facilio’s software is digitising the complete workflow management. Check out the full video here.

In this episode of FM Insight, CM Today featured Lalit M Joshi, Project Manager at Al Fajer Facilities Management.

Al Fajer FM has implemented Facilio’s software in three of their buildings,

  • Jumeirah Business Centre 1
  • Jumeirah Business Centre 3
  • Jumeirah Business Centre 4

No. of Assets Managed : 6864
No. of PPM Checklists : 80

Once they were up and running with Facilio, Al Fajer FM experienced a 13% increase in workforce productivity within 6 Months.  Added to that, Al Fajer’s workforce is more empowered today, their clients are satisfied, and Al Fajer management can make better data-driven decisions to run their business efficiently.