You run the operations of an enchanting facility. You have all the resources to delight its occupants, but you realize there is ample scope for cost-cutting and energy savings. You are aware of the hullabaloo around “Sustainability driven by cutting-edge technology”, but you yearn to hear about success stories in your own community. Welcome to this post!

Today, a growing number of facility experts are fixated on strengthening the connect between Facilities Management and modern technology. So many spheres embrace digital transformation and witness a whole new level of efficiency, why not FM? By seeking game-changing unorthodox solutions, these leaders are helping the industry gradually make the transition towards creating value and seamless experience powered by technology.

That’s no easy feat. And that’s exactly why this post spotlights futuristic facility managers who have a track record of creating tech-driven programs that boosts efficiency in building operations. Their initiatives reiterate the need to adopt newer technology to perform exemplary portfolio-wide operations.

At Facilio, we have curated a list of experts and unsung heroes in Facility Management who hasten the uptake of advanced technology in the buildings of UAE.


1. Bashar Kassab

An FM rockstar with a deep understanding of building design and construction, Bashar holds the reigns of mammoth properties like Burj-Khalifa and Dubai mall. He spearheaded several intelligent building projects that harnessed Internet of Things(IoT) and catapulted the Burj into the league of the smartest buildings in the world. With real-time technology underpinning these tourism hotspots, Bashar stands tall as an FM inspiration.

Bashar kassab


Salam I Ilayyan

2. Salam .I.ILayyan

Salam’s innovation and technical expertise are few of the many skills that make her a rising star FM in the industry. She holds a strong track record in operations and deployed smart technologies to manage building inspections and maintenance. A passionate Facility Manager, she was duly awarded by FM-ME.


Mohammad Majid

3. Mohammad Majid

Majid heads FM in Du Telecommunications. Du is at the forefront of driving sustainability in the Middle-east by the installation of energy management controller systems in more than 100 sites across UAE. They also rolled-out low carbon-emission vehicles in the company. Majid’s tech-driven operational performance earned him the much-deserved FM of the year award.


Sameer Barakat

4. Sameer Barakat

An inspirational leader in the property management sphere, Sameer strives to underline the increasing scope for technology to integrate and connect stakeholders involved in the property lifecycle. Provis, a property management company he leads, has adopted a cloud-based Building Management System (BMS) monitoring, which is estimated to save four to six percent of energy and operating costs annually across all of its managed communities. He is also working on other soon-to-be-launched technological applications aimed to provide seamless customer experience.


Khalid Shaban

5. Khalid Shaban

Khalid heads facilities at Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority(DSOA).  An expert in smart building technology design and execution, he has rich experience working in multiple infrastructure projects right from design until operations management. He helped DSOA become the first free zone tech park to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) by meeting its green goals of reduced carbon footprint and energy consumption. Khalid is much valued in the industry for his bent to integrate the latest technology with facility operations for optimized efficiency and savings.


Fadi Hindi

6. Fadi Hindi

Fadi is an inspirational tech-specialist who, in various enterprise organizations, demonstrated his prowess to boost operational productivity and efficiency through advanced knowledge of people, processes and technology. During his tenure with Smart Dubai Office and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority(DEWA), he executed a Smart Transformation agenda for Dubai Government and orchestrated several innovation and technology plans. Today DEWA is the smartest government building in the world.


Alexandre Mussallam

7. Alexandre Mussallam

Alexandre is a leader with extensive experience in energy and Facilities management across high profile public and private sector projects. He deserves special mention for his role in transforming Mirdif City Center into a smart building. By implementing smart initiatives such as PPM schedule for sophisticated systems, he successfully overcame challenges to improve life cycle efficiency and minimize environmental impact in this project.


Ahmed juma Al-Shamsi

8. Ahmed Juma Al Shamsi

Ahmed is the acting COO for Abu Dhabi Airports who focuses on operational performance and coordination efficiency. His initiatives successfully implemented the Smart Airport Concept by integrating the systems and processes into a seamless passenger experience. His commendable efforts propelled ADAI to first in Middle East Ranking and also fetched the award for ‘Best Improved Airport’ .


9. Alaa Ahmad

With over a decade experience in FM in building and infrastructure-related projects, Alaa grabbed eyeballs by spearheading the launch of smart building in Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University(HBMSU). By centrally connecting disparate systems in the campus, Alaa’s team used AI and IoT to improve energy savings and reduce operational costs. Smart innovation in the education sector is nascent and Alaa’s ingenious efforts are noteworthy. The project was rightly recognized by the FM-ME as technology innovation of the year.


Ibrahim Al Zu Bi

10. Ibrahim N. Al Zu’Bi

Ibrahim is the Chief Sustainability Officer at  Majid Al Futtaim(MAF) group. The company has a sustainability focus at the core of its business to help ensure innovation in developing and maintaining environmentally-friendly buildings. ‘Region’s Smartest Retail Facility’ was a shot in the arm for MAF’s City Centre Deira.

Selected as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Europe and the Middle East by the Center for Sustainability and Excellence in the US, Ibrahim has taken sustainability initiatives to another level in the Middle East.


11. Philip Mills

An award-winning seasoned FM, his contribution to Nakheel properties‘ smart projects is laudable. Of special mention is Palm Jumeirah, a marvelous artificial island created through a range of innovative and brave engineering techniques. The recent adoption of 3-D model technology(to help investors make better- informed decisions) only bolsters Nakheel’s quest to embrace future technologies.


Mohamed Al Hosani

12. Mohammed Al Hosani

Al Hosani is responsible for the delivery of environmental consulting services, Carbon footprint mapping and research and development of innovative services at Bee’ah. With extensive experience in the Operations Department, he specializes in future facilities planning. Bee’ah, the UAE-based sustainability pioneer, is currently building the first fully-integrated artificial intelligence (AI) office building in the UAE. This headquarters at Sharjah will experience a range of cutting-edge AI features.


Hazim Alsadek

13. Hazim Alsadek

Hazim is the Director of Operations – Water and Environment at Jacobs. Jacobs leads the global professional services sector providing solutions for a more connected, sustainable world. Hazim has successfully managed several mega projects in multiple market sectors, both in the US and Internationally. Young FMs draw inspiration from his vast experience profile in business operations and management leadership roles. Hazim undertook many new and innovative approaches to water management. The recent commissioning of the state-of-the-art filtration plant at Singapore stands testimony to his technical expertise and adherence to stringent sustainability guidelines.


This list is far from exhaustive but unveils leaders who tap into the goldmine of tech-integrated FM in modern buildings.
Do you think we missed out someone on the list? Please feel free to let us know in the comments!