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Facilio helps to streamline visits across facilities with every visit untangling the usual visitor management routines with an innovative setup enabling easy tracking of the visitors by clear segmentation of profiles/visitor types like guest, employee, interviewees, vendor, courier and so on. 

Facilio gives the flexibility to use a variety of flows/ways to enable frictionless check-in and check-out, backed by instant tenant/property owner notification strengthening facility safety with watchlist blocking and mobile authenticated entry or exit.

Getting Started

Hardware Requirements & Device Type – Visitor Kiosk:

Supported Minimum OS version is 5.0 (lollipop)
Device Type –  Tablets

Supported Minimum iOS version 12+
Device Type – iPads

Installation from App Store/Play Store

iOS App Store:

Access the Facilio Visitor Management App here


A thriving facility attracts scores of visitors every day. It becomes essential to stay on top of managing your visitors not only for the building’s safety but also to serve them with memorable experiences.

Facilio empowers you to untangle your visitor management routines with a refreshing and innovative setup. Now easily track your visitors by clear segmentation of profiles like guest, employee, interviewee, vendor, and so on.

Facilio is an IoT and ML-driven facilities O&M platform that helps you centrally manage building operations, maintenance, and sustainability performance, across your commercial portfolios in real-time.

Key features:

  • Pre-register visitors and automatically generate designated invite codes.
  • Provide seamless checkin / checkout with QR / ID scan for faster access.
  • Enable direct check-in for visitors by furnishing on-the-spot entry pass.
  • Centrally manage visits across facilities with in-built multi tenant support.
  • Optimise vendor check-in and security with option to include and sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Customise visitor profiles or segments based on out-of-the-box options such as guest, employees, vendors, interviewee etc.
  • Automate end-to-end visitor workflow with secure checkin / checkout, real-time notifications (email / SMS) and integrated badge printing.


Android Play Store:

Access the Facilio Visitor Management App here



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